Hali, owner and editor of day to day MOMents is a full-time homeschooling mom of three, ages 10, 5, and 3.  Her online presence started on social media as an outlet to learn more about severe life-threatening food allergies, since then it has blossomed into much more.  Despite the personal challenges life has put on her and her families path, she is optimistic - always a glass half full perspective!

Determined to give her children the most out of life, and to share the joys & tribulations of the day-to-day MOMents of it all with everyone she started this blog.  She has experience working with many top brands, a brand ambassador, and delivers quality work you can count on.
Making memories, creating traditions, and making the most out of every situation.
You can count on posts related to the latest in toys, tech, travel, events, movies, parenting, and family.

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