METTA - Natural Energy & Awareness Drink (Caffeine-Free!)

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metta drink

Do you need a way to pick yourself up without the added extra caffeine?  The Metta drink is an all natural drink that can re-energize you without over doing our caffeine for the day!  It's available online and on Amazon.  It has a refreshing taste to enjoy anytime of day.  There are times of the day as a mom that I need a pick me up, but drinking a coffee cup after another can leave me with jitters and regretting it.  Metta drink is the first ever energy drink that is actually caffeine free, which means no jitters, no racing heart, and no trouble sleeping come bed time. 
The company uses all natural herbs that have been used for centuries to provide us a long-lasting natural energy.  I took it in place for my daily coffee to see how effective it would be for energizing me and giving me a boost.  I'm happy to report that it did the job, and very convenient.  

Perfect for anyone that may need a pick me up without compromising their performance or health.  There are no unhealthy additives or loads of sugar involved when you refresh and recharge with the all natural Metta.       
all natural energy drink
Here are some of the major benefits of this revolutionary drink:●    Safe, with no side effects●    Improved Endurance●    Decreased Fatigue●    Increased Focus●    Reduced Post-Workout Soreness●    No Artificial Ingredients, Preservatives or Additives●    Gluten Free & Vegan●    Available on Amazon
The flavor profile was designed so we can enjoy at anytime of day.  The flavor is Berry Ginger Lemon with a hint of Schizandra.  If you're like me, that description might scare you, but let me tell you, the flavor is subtle and refreshing.  Great for busy parenting days where we can always use a pick me up, for college students who need to stay awake, and really any one of us who could use the natural boost.     
"The idea for Metta came from watching high-performance athletes burn out, try to drink more caffeine to get a boost and wind up even more exhausted. Thomas, one of Metta’s founders saw that. He also witnessed those same athletes start to feel better when a nutritionist banned stimulants and gave them an all-natural Chinese tea. That tea contained adaptogenic herbs, herbs that help the body adapt to stress. Thomas joined forces with Ryan and Mitch. Together they decided to create a brand of energy drinks that ditched caffeine and replaced it with the natural energy found in adaptogenic herbs." 
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