Live Today Like It's Your Last...

Needing desperately to stay positive, so I decided to do what I used to love doing.  Write and connect with people.

Everything with life is so uncertain, nothing about tomorrow is promised and that rings so clearly now that I'm going through days that I once again, never thought would be my life.  First major one has to have been when I lost my mom as a young teen.  And now here I am, it happens again...  A very different kind of "loss," I lost my husband from my life.  I can't go into that right now but will say every day has been a struggle.  Hiding my tears from myself and my kids, trying to keep strong for my kids.  Truly getting different levels of MOMents!    

Today, I was on Facebook, scrolling past homeschool sales, tips, some local yard sales, a few updates of love with Valentine's Day around the corner, then "RIP" posts came with an old co-worker tagged along with the images of her.  Beautiful mom of two, she was just posting about a month ago I thought I had scrolled passed it as usual.  She is now the second coworker to pass away from that same store we worked together years ago before I became a mom.  They were both young, maybe late twenties, early thirties.  Both unexpected, both so full of life, so full of beautiful personalities...  And just like us full of opinions, and worries about our children I'm sure.  Doing all we can in this life.  Then something happened to them, families haven't said what happened online.  It was so sudden - we'll never know what happened.

hali ganJust that they lived, and then, they are now gone.

We can no longer hear their voices, hear their opinions again, and all that once seemed like troubles a day ago meant nothing in those last moments when all everyone wanted was for them to live I'm sure...  I am too familiar with the loss of a loved one.  It calls for your strength and the loss of someone as close as a mom never gets easier.  As life goes on it actually gets harder in some ways.

So why do so many live their lives in torture causing themselves and everyone trouble the way they do?  I wish everyone would just live life, be their true selves instead of this way and that way with people...  Some might say I'm immature or that I haven't learned the way the world is, I say it's exactly the opposite.  I was happy when I was immature, that was when I didn't know such evil people existed, those with evil selfish intentions, or those who with fake personas - those I only saw on films growing up.

How did my thoughts go from talking about one thing and another?  They are all connected thoughts, memories and challenges of life.

Main message here is that life is short, and tomorrow truly isn't promised.  It doesn't have to mean life and death either, it can simply mean that tomorrow can be absolutely different from what you expected or even planned for.  Don't live your life according to rules, and opinions of others.  I'm personally working on that one myself.  Imagine what you can become if you follow your dreams, your beliefs, and actually let yourself live.

Be kind, be honest.  And most importantly, remember that you have no control over people and how they choose to be, but you do have a choice in how you live your life everyday.  Please, choose honest and kind.  To go back to the title of this post "Live Today Like It's Your Last," how would you live your life if it was your last day?  Would you tell someone you love them?  Maybe you'd choose to spend real valuable time with those you love?  What really matters to you?  Live everyday with purpose.

*SIP to my coworkers who passed away too young and too soon, may their families find peace and much needed strength...  May we who have been given the gift of another day not waste it.  Aging is a gift denied to many!