Flip Box Surprise! FlipaZoo!

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Most of us in the toy world all know about FlipaZoo from Jay@Play, but not all families do, and I have to share these goodies with you again.  These adorable and lovable plush toys are 2-in-1, so usually twice the fun.  If you are familiar with these cute finds for kids, let me remind you again and make sure you know about Flip Box Surprise.  The Flip Box Surprise is a party in a box, full of adorable little accessories, a blind bag, and a fun surprise character to be revealed after opening!  A great spin on blind bag opening for kids..and us adults who still like to collect, and believe toys are so much fun!  Great for back-to-school season as it serves for a great way to celebrate a new chapter for our little ones.       

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We had fun a couple of months back making a video about them - per my kids request, and had fun photo moments too.  These adorable plush characters are soft, adorably detailed..and of course the most fun part has to be opening them up.  A plush, plus the surprise blind bag opening experience.  
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Once owned they were filled with tiny accessories for the little plush characters.  The opposite side revealed a smoother, more fleece like soft characters that included a monkey, dog, and bear.  All colorful, and so much fun to discover.  Each box contained a little tiny party hat, collar, leash, bowl, stickers, paper glasses, and more for kids to continue on playing pretend with.  Oh..let me not forget to mention the fun confetti paper in the boxes too, easy to clean, but messy enough to get kids excited about.  
Watch our video below!
Every Flip Box has a surprise waiting to be revealed, and makes for a fun little back-to-school gift for little kids starting a new chapter.  There are 6 cute styles to collect!