Puzoodles - Collectible Mash Up Characters You Snap Together & Build!

Blip Toys PUzoodles
Check out the latest from Blip Toys, the adorable #Puzoodles!  Puzoodles are collectible mash-up characters for kids to build with easy snap-together pieces.  Each Puzoodles puzzle piece is packaged in a surprise blind bag, and includes easy-to-follow assembly instructions.  Kids can display or take them apart to build again and again.

We received the Melon Bites (Shark + Watermelon) and Fruity Feathers (Owl + Pineapple) to test out.  It wasn't as easy for my 5 year-old to assemble on her own, but with a little practice we figured it out.  It's fun to open up the little blind bags to discover the pieces.
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The characters are colorful, fun and full of attitude.
Like with any cute toys these days, there is more to collect!  A total of 8 to collect in Series 1!
  • Caterpillar Roll (Caterpillar + Sushi)
  • DinoCake (Dinosaur + Cupcake)
  • Fruity Feathers (Owl + Pineapple)
  • Kernel Llama (Llama + Popcorn)
  • Melon Bites (Shark + Watermelon)
  • Chip-Pan Zee (Monkey + Cookie)
  • Slow Food (Turtle + Burger)
  • Purrfect Taco (Kitty + Taco)

Watch it in action! 
Fruity Feathers
It's fun to see the pieces come together and create a fun character!  Puzoodles are sold at Target, Walmart, Amazon and Speciality Stores.  For more information and where to purchase, visit Puzoodles.com!