The Floating Comfort™ Fiberfill Pillow with Customizable Water Base

Water pillow
What stood out to me the most about this pillow is that it has a water base, you actually fill it with water to customize your comfort level.  The feel of the COMBEDLoft Fiber is super soft and inviting, the multilayers work together to bring you proven and tested comfort that you expect from a pillow.  The multilayers it includes is the COMBEDLoft Fiber, thermal insulator that surrounds the water layer, and the exclusive adjustable aqua support pouch that provides responsible support while you sleep.  If you are feeling skeptical the pillow comes with a 60-day satisfaction guarantee or your money back.  Also a 10-year warranty agains manufacturing defects.  Clinical study of the Waterbase pillow has been conducted at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine to rate this pillow as one of the best for falling asleep quickly, overall sleep quality, reduction of neck pain and more!

comfortable customizable pillow
water pillow
To fill the pillow it pretty easy.  You open up the pillow, hold the pillow upright and pour water in after having inserted the tool provided.  Use the chart on their site to adjust firm level, push out excess air and close the valve.  The water doesn't have to be changed for up to a year, and the pillow is machine washable!  So many great factors that make this a good choice if you're in the market for a pillow.  Something we don't think to invest in, but is such an important part of our health.
The Floating Comfort™ Fiberfill Pillow - Customizable Water Base
pillow with Customizable Water Base
Customizable Water Base
-comes with a clear zippered storage bag-
Besides the amazing ability to customize the firmness of your pillow to find the right support for you, the CombedLoft fiber is specially made so it lasts.  It is specially combed into a soft 7-foot blanket and rolled into a loft bun to keep the fiber extra resilient and free of any lumps.  Unlike most traditional single-layer pillows, these provide both comfort and support - no need to choose!  
The Floating Comfort™ Fiberfill Pillow - Customizable Water Base
I was so impressed as they sent over the published independent clinical study papers from Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine.  They have more than 20 years of experience with millions of pillows sold and thousands of 5-star reviews.  This time of year can be hectic and requires a good night sleep with a comfortable pillow more than ever.  Gift it to someone in your life or get one for yourself for your health.  More information including where to purchase visit
  • You sleep on a plump, soft layer of resilient Combed Loft Dacron fiber.
  • Ranked best in a Johns Hopkins Clinical Study for sleep and neck pain reduction.
  • Adjustable to anyone's choice of support. Soft, Medium, of Firm.
  • Responsive support works as you move in sleep to maintain support for your neck.
  • 300 Thread count cover.
  • Hypoallergenic, machine wash and dry.
  • Jumbo 20"x28" fits Standard or Queen pillow cases.
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