Stress and Anxiety Relief with the TouchPoints Solution

TouchPoints™ are non-invasive lifestyle wear ables that use patent-pending neuro-scientific technology to relieve stress by over 70% in as few as 30 seconds.  When I was first introduced to TouchPoints, I was asked to think of something that troubles me and stresses me out.  I happened to be having a rough day so it was easy for me to go to a tough place in my mind right away, I was almost teary eyed right away because of my thoughts.  Then a representative of the product asked me to hold onto the TouchPoints, and I grabbed them - held them in my hands.  Suddenly, I really did feel better.  I remembered what was on my mind but the knot in my chest disappeared.  I soon found out that the reps weren't reps and that they were actually the founders of The TouchPoint Solution.  It was founded by Neuropsychologist Dr. Amy Serin and executive and child advocate Vicki Mayo.  They had a mission to help those who deal with anxiety and stress.

It's these tiny pieces that can be clipped on to your belt, your shirt, your socks..anywhere where it is making contact with you.  The basic set comes with a clip, while others come with wristbands so one could wear it like a watch or bracelet.  I believe they are also available for purchase separately.  
 They come with the short cables that allow you to charge the devices.  To describe what it feels like, I'd say it's a tiny noninvasive device that seems to vibrate in different intervals.  While I don't understand how it works they do a great job explaining it - so check that out here.  For me I do think it takes some getting used to if you intend to leave it on for long periods of time but I will say I enjoy having mine on me, I can turn on and off with a click.

TouchPoints uses Bi-Lateral Alternating Stimulation Tactile (BLAST) technology transferring alternating vibrations to alter the body’s Fight, Flight or Freeze (F3) response to stress and anxiety and to restore homeostatic nervous system functioning, allowing you to think clearly and experience calm.
There are tons of research and reviews to back up this device.  A wonderful device that has helped many children and adults dealing with different issues.  Anxiety, stress, insomnia, trouble focusing - try TouchPoints.  They say using TouchPoints for as little as 5 minutes a day results in improved focus and increased performance.  

*Item/s were received for the purpose of review.  All opinions are a 100% my own.