Sands Alive, Play Dirt, and Floof by Play Visions - Fun for All ages - Gift Ideas

These round up of toys from Play Visions are great for all year round play, but greatly appreciated during the cold seasons when kids can't always play outside.  Bring in the Play Dirt so kids don't need to be in their backyard or park to have fun with "dirt".  FLOOF is fun on snow days, sometimes it is too cold and not fun to take kids out to play in the snow, and FLOOF is a great fun alternative.  Wish you were on the beach playing in the sand with your children?  Sands Alive! will help solve that problem.  What is great about all of these items is that it really is hours of fun, relaxing for adults if you do join in with your children, and they are made with a fun formula that makes it easy to clean up after.  
Play Dirt
Play Dirt looks and feels like real dirt, allot more loose than the Sands Alive you might be familiar with but still without the mess of actual dirt.  It is so much fun for kids.  They can mold it similar to the other formulas.  Made to look like dirt, and extra fun with Bugs-in-aJar, and other little accessories that mimic real outdoor fun with dirt.  It is the “Cleanest Dirt on Planet Earth” and us moms can appreciate that.   
Sets Available: Play Dirt Bugs-in-a-Jar, Play Dirt Bag O’ Dirt, Play Dirt Bucket, Play Dirt Monster Truck Rally, Play Dirt Pig Pen
Age: 3+
MSRP: $15.00+ 
This new compound looks like snow, feels like a marshmallow and molds like clay! It is so lightweight and smooth to the touch.  Kids love seeing the feel of the formulas and comparing them.  It is also very easy to mold with, and the different varieties available make it so much fun.  My kids loved playing with it on a snow day that was too cold to enjoy.  They enjoyed building mini snowmen and playing with our indoor "snow" without the freeze or mess.  This specific set comes with the little plastic pieces to mold and make your tiny snowman.  The lightest formula of them all!  
Available varieties: Color Change Floof Bucket, Color Change Floof Ice Cream Dreams, Color Change Floof Big Bug World, Floof Snowboard Park, Floof Play Ball 
Age: 5+ MSRP: $14.99 
Sands Alive! 
Sands Alive! is 100% non-toxic, antibacterial, and won’t stain. Picks up easily off of floors and carpets. Mold it into hard durable shapes, and with a soft touch, it will break apart and appear to move, almost as if it were alive!  It is a fun unique texture.  The original Play Visions toy of it's kind for us.  It sticks together allot more than the other formulas, sticks to each other providing easy clean up.    
Sets Include: Sands Alive! Sweet Shoppe, Sands Alive! Paver Pete, Sands Alive! Starter Set, Sands Alive! Sand Bucket, Sands Alive! 5 Pound Box, Sands Alive! The Sand Box 
Age: 5+ MSRP: $14.99 

These have been life savers on days we have to stay indoors, even for short periods of a time it keeps children busy.    Children need to learn and explore with their hands and these are perfect.  Older kids can create sculptures and art work, adults can enjoy it and consider it to be relaxing, and children just love playing with it.  All the tools some sets come with are so much fun, it truly inspires children's creativity and gets them going.  

*Item/s were received for the purpose of review.  All opinions are a 100% my own.