Little Miss Matched Socks! #stockingstuffer #giftidea

mismatched socks
 Boring cold day?  Add color and personality with your socks!  Plus, layering helps keep you warm... 
Little Miss Matched Socks!
Fun fact is that my children and I love getting socks and underwear in our stockings each year.  They have an aunt who actually wraps a few undergarments for them, and my children have learned to appreciate it.  We appreciate it as it's something that's useful, but want to make it more fun for everyone?  The Mismatch socks are going to please even those that don't usually like receiving socks, as they are super special!  The Vintage Socks by Little Miss Matched are super fun and available in sizes for children and adults!  They are available in knee-high, ankle, and linear socks.  The packs come with 3 single socks that don't match!  My daughter loves to mismatch her socks, and these are perfect.

Little Miss Matched Socks!
stocking stuffer idea for everyone
They are colorful and super fun to boost an outfit too!  Also perfect for us moms that often lose a matching pair in the washer or dryer anyway.  My daughter has always loved purposely mismatching socks, loves being colorful and fun with her outfits.  So many children love to express themselves with their outfits, Little Miss Matched is perfect for anyone - even adults!  
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Ages 6+ MSRP $10.00

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