Life Saving Device - AlcoMate Revo Digital Personal Breathalyzer!

AlcoMate Revo Digital Personal Breathalyzer
Personal Breathalyzer
Something you may never think to own is a breathalyzer, but I actually think everyone should own one.  It should be carried in our cars and bags.  This is the season where many people are driving and partying.  Everyday someone somewhere is getting behind the wheel after having a drink or two, trusting only their judgement - which is not reliable!  The AlcoMate Revo Digital Personal Breathalyzer can save lives.  Don't assume you are okay to drive without testing your BAC.  lf your evening included sipping on cocktails or any alcoholic beverages, now you can check your blood alcohol content (BAC) with AlcoMate Revo before you get on the road behind the wheel.  This most accurate pocket-sized breathalyzer is a must-have.  Consider gifting to family or yourself this year!

AlcoMate Revo Digital Personal Breathalyzer
It is easy to use, and also comes with a case to store and carry it all.
There are breathalyzer apps available on smartphones out there, but this is considered much safer as it is approved by the DOT and undergoes serious testing to make sure you can count on it. These breathalyzers don't lose their accuracy like others, and do not require recalibration.  AlcoMate Revo is the only breathalyzer that comes with a pre-calibrated sensor so users to skip this process altogether.

There are different models to choose from, so if you or someone you know likes to drink - invest in something that can give you peace of mind with the decision you make.  It is trusted by professionals and law enforcement agencies.  For more information visit

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