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It's been so cold out but there's nothing like going out and still enjoying summer toys in the warmer days of fall and winter.  Of course it depends on how cold it is outside and what kind of toy we are talking about.  At the end of the summer days I was sent a KAOS Pump Station with Color Bombs, and a Bubble Blitz Flash Blaster.  I thought about waiting until we are closer to summer days to share with you all, but I don't know the forecast where you are and if you also enjoy playing with all sorts of items hot or cold out.  It's also never a bad time to start getting ideas for summer fun.  Even though this might catch you off guard in the middle of gift ideas and stocking stuffers, these actually do make a super fun gift idea during the holiday season!  I have 3 kids and they seem to think so!

KAOS Pump Station Color Bomb
KAOS Pump Station with Color & Bubble Blitz Blaster
KAOS Pump Station with Color & Bubble Blitz Blaster
While everyone is buying items to play with now, you can be the one remembered when the summer days come as the aunt that gave a summer item.  It's kind of like receiving a bicycle while there's a foot of snow outside, it's still an awesome gift.  The KAOS Pump Station make filling water balloons and tying them up really easy.  No struggles trying to fill them up, or dropping them while trying to tie them up.  Great for experiments in the winter days too.  Fill the balloons with the color tablet filled water using the KAOS pump, tie up, and freeze overnight.  Make ice balls, see the colors melt and create art on snow.  We did get to enjoy the two before the cold swept up, but did enjoy ice art the other day.  Let me know if you try it!

The Bubble Blitz Flash Blaster works great, it has lights and flashes when the bubble trigger is pulled.  It comes with a 5 oz bottle of bubble solution.  It requires 4AA batteries.  It can blast out hundreds of bubbles in a minute, combined with the lights it is so much fun.

*Item/s were received for the purpose of review.  All opinions are a 100% my own.