JENGA Giant JS7 - Can Stack Up to 5 Feet #giftidea #ages12+

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daytodayMOMents toy review
Giant Jenga reviewI have had so much fun with my family playing with the out of this world Jenga Giant JS7.  If you aren't familiar with Jenga, it is a game where players take turns removing one block at a time from the tall tower, replacing at the top of the tower.  As the game progresses the tower gets taller, unstable, and the player that makes the tower tumble loses.  It requires a bit of luck, lots of fun strategy, and in the end it's a fun physical game where everyone will enjoy themselves.  What makes the Jenga Giant JS7 so special is that it is truly giant! Instead of the classic game that fits on a table, this is meant to be played on the ground with the players standing around it.  Great for ages 12 and up, but children younger can play with guidance.  

daytodayMOMents toy game review
The Jenga Giant JS7 is the largest authentic hardwood JENGA game out there!  It is made of real quality crafted, smoothly polished hardwood blocks, 54 pieces in all.  It conveniently comes with it's own heavy-duty Jenga Giant Carry Bag for storage, and taking it to parties or other fun gatherings.  It's recommended for one or more players!  I had fun playing with my husband, friends and with my children.  The blocks are actual hardwood so my 5-year-old did need assistance, and everyone also needs to step back in case the tower comes crashing down.  Playing Jenga with friends and family it is full of suspense, laughter, and great memories.
Giant Jenga authentic
Authentic JENGA Giant
Fun giant version of a classic game that will be enjoyed by everyone, including those just watching!  For more information, including where to purchase visit by clicking here. -$169.95