FIJIX Spinners - Fidget Spinners (Star Wars, Despicable Me) #giftideas #stockingstuffer

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Fidget Spinners Star Wars, Despicable Me
Fidget spinners were all the rage this past year, and since then there has been many better varieties created by brands we trust.  I'm sure there isn't a child out there that doesn't know what they are.  These Fijix fidget spinners are an easy pick for a must-have stocking stuffer or a gift add-on.  Great quality, great design, there's nothing not to love!  The character and themes are a hit with fans of all ages.  Fijix Spinners are super fun to collect and play with.

Fidget Spinners (Star Wars, Despicable Me
  • 3 Prong, high quality Spinners in the most popular licenses:  Star Wars, Five Nights at Freddy’s, Power Rangers and Minions!
  • Heavy, smooth spinning – beats the average spin time of over 2 minutes – can spin up to & over 3 minutes
  • Do tricks (pass hand to hand), spin with 1 hand or 2, and relax while enjoying the most fun toy in the market
stocking stuffer idea for kids
Fijix Spinners allow children to create and challenge themselves with different tricks, as well as beating their spin time.  These are very easy to use, smooth spin that lasts a long time which allows for different tricks.  Great collectible available in many different licenses and styles.  The graphics on the spinners are double sided, and so much fun!
Minion stocking stuffer
Recommended for ages 8 and up.  As with any toy for your children, use your own judgement, but my younger children are able to enjoy these with my supervision.  It is fun for creating and challenging different tricks with.  These are also great for adults as well!  We bought many fidget spinners from different brands, almost everywhere we traveled we picked one up for my son who was collecting them.  These FIJIX Spinners are by far my favorite all around, and I highly recommend them.

MSRP - $4.99