Children's MircoLingual Vitamin Tablets by Superior Source #Vitamins #health

children micro lingual vitamins
Keeping our children at their healthiest is one of our main priorities, and it's always great to learn of different options to help make sure they are getting everything they need everyday.  The Superior Source vitamins are super convenient MicroLingual instant dissolving tablets that are great for children.  I tried it and it barely has any flavor, and dissolves really quickly so your children will not complain.  Available in a great variety of choices, you can find what you are looking for.  Whether it's an extra boost of vitamin D during the winter (indoor seasons) or extra immune support all year long they have it.  They offer it for adults, baby and children, with different appropriate doses.  

Childrens easy to take vitamins
They believe "Less is More' and so do I.  GMO and preservative free.  
Children's MircoLingual Tablets
With the cold and flu season upon us I think it's extra important to provide our children with the needed extra dietary supplements to help keep them strong and protected.  Superior Source has 12 product categories and over 140 MicroLingual Vitamin products for adults and children.  Really easy to give to children, instantly dissolves, no bad taste children will complain about, and you can give your children a round of vitamin supplements they need in safe low doses.  I did notice some of the Superior Source vitamins do contain milk so if you have allergies please be mindful it may not be a good fit for you.  

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