Intelligent Magnetic Construction Set for Brain Development (ages 3+) MAGFORMERS #toys

Magnetic building set for kids
Looking for a toy that gets your child thinking and is also great for all ages?  Check out Magformers, magnetic shapes children can build with.  As a homeschool mom of 3, I love toys that bring joy to my children but I love toys that are full of learning opportunities even more.  The Magformers Curve is great building set for ages 3 and up.  It allows children to build while combining magnetic pieces to build balls, towers and so much more.  Follow the booklet it comes with or use your imagination, buy more pieces and let your imagination take control to unlimited fun!

Magformers Curve 20Pc Set
The whole family can design and build organic structures with curves 3D magnetic shapes in this Curve 20pc set from Magformers.  It comes with six geometric shapes; squares, arches, sectors, cones, spheres, super arches and super sectors.  Everyone from young and old will love seeing what structures they are able to form.
curved magnet building set for kids
My kids loved being able to form different structures on their own.  
Magformers Curve 20Pc Set
It's easy to clean up and store as they neatly stack up.  Fun and easy to handle pieces that are large and safe for young children.  
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For more information, including where to purchase Magformers Curve 20Pc Set click here.  -$39.99 (ages 3+).  They are some special holiday discounts going on now, so go now!! 😊 

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