The Ozobot Bit - Boredom Buster for Kids #STEAM

The Ozobot Bit
The Ozobot Bit
I think these days our children reach a certain age, get a hold of tech devices and lose their interests in toys.  The years where our children actually play interact and have imaginative play pass by so fast, and the cut off age keeps getting younger and younger.  I cannot express my appreciation for the Ozobot Bit enough.  It is the perfect little bot to promote creativity, and eliminate boredom!  My son loves it so much, I love that it is endless amounts of fun.  Perfect for anytime, and great on-the-go.  Ozobit Bit is the perfect coding toy for beginners.  It perfectly blends coding while promoting creativity.    

mini coding robot for kids
The super cool little bot, Bit uses optical sensors to read lines and OzoCodes that children draw with the markers provided.  Easy to follow directions, and overall easy to learn.   
mini coding robot for kids
The Bit follows any patterns drawn and follows commands based on color codes. 
STEAM robot kids
The Bit is truly the perfect boredom buster, a fun toy with an educational component.  Children can create their own patterns, play games, challenge themselves with codes and simply have fun.  Its small size makes it great for anytime, on the go as well!  It comes with 20 STEAM activities for children to follow, play and challenge themselves.  
mini Bit robot
The Ozobot Bit includes:
  • 1 Ozobot Bit (Crystal White)
  • 1 USB charging cable
  • 4 Ozobot markers
  • 2 skins, DIY stickers
  • OzoCode reference sheet
  • OzoDice game
  • 20 additional STEAM activities
The Ozobot Bit
The Ozobot Bit
You can customize your Ozobot with the stickers and skins.  Great time for younger siblings to join in.  Young children can learn patterns as they learn special commands that the Bit responds to.  It can do various speeds, dance, spin, zig-zag and more - all by color recognition.  There is an OzoCode reference sheet that children can follow.   
The Ozobot Bit
With a child's creativity as the limit children can have endless amounts of fun, they can even download the app to discover more games, lessons, and challenges.  They can also use the OzoBlocky web editor to learn block-based programming principles.  Lots of fun and creative learning opportunity! 
The Ozobot Bit
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