Playbrites Magical Fun Faces Nightlight Toy

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Playbrites Magical Fun Faces
We have tested and loved FlipaZoo and FlipZee Girls from Jay@Play before so when we learned they had another addition to their fun toy line we had to try it!  My children love the Playbrites Magical Fun Faces!  Initially, they look like a "potato head" toy, oval egg-shaped plastic with holes so you can pop in their mouths, ears, eyes, tail, and hands like one, but they're so much more.  They are a fun night light for kids, a great light "show" before children fall asleep as well.  Available in six characters Dragon, Puppy, Kitty, Bunny, and Shark.  The pieces are interchangeable so you can mix and match if you collect them all.  It functions as a toy for imaginative play promoting the improvement of motor skills as children put the pieces of their character together, and it also is a night light that is great for children growing their independence sleeping in their own rooms.

potato head like nightlight toy
nightlight for tent
I love when a product for children provides more functions than just one, this adorable toy works as a nightlight.  During the day my two youngest carries around the assembled Kitty using its carrier handle, and in the night use it as a nightlight.  It works best as a night light, great for camping trips, and forts at home as well as in the night.  It has an easy tap light base where children can press on the toy to turn on/off and change settings. 
Playbrites Magical Fun Faces
Playbrites Magical Fun Faces
It comes with just enough pieces to assemble the character so there's no mix and matching unless you collect more than one!  Great for those with multiple children as you can buy one or more for each child's room at night, and they can use the pieces to mix and match.  For the nightlight feature to work at its best you take off the character's top piece, placing the handle back on.  The pieces from the whole set fit in its oval container, so it is also a great to store it for travel.
Nightlight toy for kids
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The light is very impressive, it truly lights up the ceiling of the room very well.  The colors change from blue, red, green, pink, orange, and white.  You can choose one color to consistently stay on or find the setting that changes colors while on.  It automatically shuts off so children can fall asleep without worry, and it saves its battery life that way too.  Speaking of battery, it requires 3AA batteries.  The contents in each Playbrite include the 1 Playbrite base, 1 carry handle, 9 Playbrites play face pieces.  

Available at Toys R Us and - $19.99 
Ages 3+

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