Little Live Pets My Dream Kitten Cuddles - Gift Idea Ages 4+

gift idea ages 4+
Cat person, dog person, frog person?  No matter what you are into, there's no way you won't love the Little Live Pets My Dream Kitten - Cuddles!  She is adorable, lovable, and oh so sweet for anyone.  So lifelike it is a great alternative for families with children who want a pet, but not the full responsibility of one.  My children are always asking for a pet, aren't they all?  For us, Cuddles has been a great way for my younger two to keep busy "taking care" of their new pet.  Her eyes open and close, her tail moves, she purrs, and has many fun features that react to touch.  

gift idea ages 4+
We have had grown-ups come over to pet her, and adore her.  So many have asked where to purchase so they can get one for their kids and grandparents!  It is amazing to see the wide range of ages interested in her.  It comes as no surprise, because if you hold her, hear her purr - it's more than just a toy.  It's a dream come true for so many little ones that love to play pretend with their stuffed animals to see this little kitten come to life.  
Little Live Pets My Dream Kitten Cuddles
She came in a adorable box as a special delivery, my children were so excited to learn what was inside.  Everything from the packing to the introduction was amazing.
first pet toy
My children take their new little kitten everywhere.  She comes with an adoption certificate where you can officially name her, and my children named theirs "Meowy" so creatively so coming from a 4 year-old.
Gift idea ages 3+
Because she doesn't walk she is soft to hold and cuddle, and easy to take everywhere.  She comes with her own bowl for feeding time, sensors are on her back, face, and button nose.  She only needs 4 AAA batteries which are placed under her feet.  There's an on/off button on one of her other legs as well.  There's over 20 kitten sounds and 6 play modes!   We use a damp towel or wet wipe to clean her as she can't be washed.  Perfect for any child as a gift idea!  To make a dream come true for someone in your life check out, while you're there check out the other amazing toys they have in their collection.  Thank you to Moose Toys for our new pet for #InternationalCatDay.   I know my children and I can't get enough of how adorable this is, and highly recommend it.  

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