Fingerlings Baby Monkey Zoe!

Fingerlings Baby Monkey review

Have you seen this cute little monkey by Wowwee yet?  The Fingerlings adorable pet baby monkey is an interactive toy that is great for kids to play with and take on the go.  We have Zoe pictured above who likes to hang upside down.  The little monkey is an interactive little toy that will keep children guessing the new sound and reaction with each swing, pet, and rock.  Adorable features include it's little hair, moving eyes, and head.  My kids love taking our little baby monkey Zoe on the go! 

Fingerlings Baby Monkey
The Fingerlings Baby Monkey has over 40 ways to play as it interacts back.  It makes different noises with motion, and even "blows" a kiss when you blow gently at it.  It reacts to touch, motion, and sounds.  Great for young kids and great for older ones to really test it out and see all the different interactions.
stocking stuffer idea
You can use it's little tail to hook it onto your finger or your belt loop or backpack, it's adorable.  You can rock them, pet them, swing them, and even put them to sleep.  Adorable little toy at a great price point of just $14.99.   Great as gifts and rewards for children throughout the year, and a fantastic idea for a stocking stuffer!
Fingerlings Baby Monkey
There are more characters to the Baby Monkeys Fingerlings to collect with fun additions like a unicorn Fingerling to check out!

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