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Dress: $4.50 (1 of 2)  Tights: $6.00 

fashion for kids
Shirt: $6.50  Pants: $11.00 
Have you heard of Swap. com?  I was recently introduced to it, ordered some great items from there, and had to share it with you all.  It is an online consignment store that sells something for everyone in your family.  I took the opportunity to do some "back-to-school" shopping, even though for us it was more like a "end of summer" shopping!  Searched on all the categories I found useful and bought something for my whole family for $100.60!  It was a total of 14 items that included shirts, dresses, pants, tights, workbooks, chapter books, hats & mittens and more for everyone.  Many of the items were "like new" or "new with tags", all for a fraction of the retail price found in stores.  I was nervous shopping online, not having checked out the quality, but it all worked out!
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There are probably many reason to shop consignment, and the most obvious one is that you save money.  Children outgrow clothes so fast, books are read and tossed even faster, if there are ways for us to save while still proving our children with the latest products, and outfits why not!?  I am excited to show you what I found and how much I paid for it.
judy moody and stink books sale
 Books: *Judy Moody Book Set $3.00  *Stink Book $2.60
What I ended up was narrowed down by what was available at the time I was shopping which is to be expected when shopping consignment.  A total of 14 items that got everyone something for the new season.  Some items to get us started on our academics, while things like the mittens and gloves got us prepared for the colder seasons ahead.  I was so pleased by the way the items arrived.  They were all individually sealed in plastic and labeled.  Another great thing about Swap. com is that when you are shopping, they show you actual photos of the items being sold.
Mens calvin klein shirt
Men's new Short Sleeve T-shirt: $10.00
homeschool workbook sale
Cursive Writing WorkBook: $6.00
Kids clothing consignment
$4.20 for both! (the blue dress is pictured above worn by my daughter)
Online Consignment at
girls character leggings $4.00
brand name sale consignment
Gap hat & mitten: $6.00
minnie mouse dress
girls dress $7.00
Online Consignment dressnew with tags online consignmentnew with tags online consignment
This is where I think got the best deals.  All three dresses, two new with tags, and third like new for only $34.50
Children outgrow things so fast, and as adults we might not outgrow sizes but trends change and most things aren't really worn more than a few times, it makes more sense to pay less.  Check out Swap. com, browse the sections, filter them out with your comfort and preference, check back often and try it out for yourself!  I had a great experience altogether from the ease of browsing to when it arrived at my doorstep.  Can you believe I found all these items for my whole family for $100.60!  Of course it all depends on availability of the items but it is worth the browsing.  They also offer ways for us to send in our items to sell on Swap. com, be sure to check that out too!  For more information, and stop start shopping visit

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