Protect Your Skin All Year Long with Australian Gold Botanical Sunscreen

Australian Gold Botanical Sunscreen
Sunscreen that smells good and is free of chemicals?  Yes, why of course I had to share it with you all.  I have fair sensitive and fair skin, it wasn't always so sensitive but I was also not great at taking care of my skin in my younger years.  I rarely wore sunscreen, only tanning formulas while out in the sun. As the years went on and after I became a mom, my skin showed some serious sensitivities to the sun.  I became best friends with different skin protective options, for the purpose of avoiding any more sun spots or rashes from the sun.  The latest products I have been loving is the Australian Gold New Botanical Sunscreens.  They are non-greasy, antioxidant rich formulas that provide the UVA/UVB broad spectrum protection, that happens to smell great as well.  Great for every day when planning to be out in the sun.

Australian Gold Botanical Sunscreen
Australian Gold Botanical Sunscreen Natural Spray SPF 30 & SPF 50 -$14.99 
gluten free sunscreen
Love the ingredients that are actually good for your skin, and offers a refreshing vibrant citrus scent.     The natural spray comes onto your skin with a slight powdery-clean feel in a convenient 360° continuous spray.  I love and appreciate the non-sticky formula with Certifi­ed Organic Alcohol for a naturally luxurious sunscreen experience.  The spray on is super easy to use, and convenient even for the busiest of us.  It is my go-to sunscreen at the moment as it allows me to do it with one hand, and doesn't require me to wash up like other greasy sunscreens might. 

  • Broad Spectrum UVA/UVA Protection 
  • Water resistant for up to 80 minutes 
  • Eucalyptus to calm, reinvigorate and oxygenate skin
  • Protein packed Red Algae to nourish with Vitamin A and Amino Acids 
  • Kakadu Plum which contains exceptional levels of Vitamin C which is known to help protect against free radical damage
  • Vitamin E to maintain moisturized, healthy looking skin
  • Eco conscious formulations: 
  • Packaging is designed to use as few materials as possible in a recyclable container to reduce any potential waste.
  • Reef Friendly Formulas are free of Oxybenzone, parabens, phthalates, Petrolatum, PABA, SLS, Dyes and Oils
  • Hypoallergenic, Dermatologist and Pediatrician Tested, Not tested on animals
  • Citrus Oasis fragrance with notes of Pineapple and Pomegranate 
Australian Gold Botanical Sunscreen
Another new favorite of mine, featuring many of the same characteristics and positives as the natural sunscreen spray above, the Australian Gold Botanical Sunscreen Mineral Lotions SPF 30 & SPF 50.  I like this to have on the go.  It applies non-greasy and is also antioxidant rich for proper UVA/UVB protection.  I know that I react to too much sun exposure, and I've also found that some sunblock and sunscreens make it worse.  I have not had a reaction with these, and I think it is due to the fact that they are hypoallergenic, oxybenzone-free, paraben-free, PABA-free, Phlathalate-free, dermatologist tested, pediatrician tested, reef friendly, and also no animal testing.  Both available, CVS, and Walmart.   -$14.99

*Item/s were received for the purpose of review.  All opinions are a 100% my own.