Nintendo Promotes a Smart Start to a School Year!

Nintendo NYC Back to school event
Nintendo NYC Back to school
Nintendo hosted a back-to-school event in their 10 Rockefeller Plaza store in New York City to give children a chance to pick up some goodies for school, hang out in store, check out the latest games, have photo ops with Mario and in the end, give them a fun incentive to come back for a special gift after their first month of school as well.  They handed out pencils, character skate-board keychains, stickers, activity sets, bookmarks and more!  As media, we were invited for some special perks that included primary access to photo ops, and a goodie bag.  Love when a brand we already love, promote learning.

Nintendo NYC Back to school
My kids loved the event, especially my son who got to try out some games he didn't quite have yet.  His favorite Nintendo game on his Nintendo Switch at the moment is the Splatoon2.  I have been known to use game play time as an award for a job well done with his school-work.  Among the items, they handed out was the "back-to-school honor roll" where they gave children fun challenges to complete in the first month of the school year for a special gift, it included the following:
Nintendo honor roll
-Raise your hand to answer a question in class
-Invite someone new to sit with you at lunch
-Get an "A" on an assignment or test
-Spend 30 minutes reading a book every day for a week
Nintendo NYC Back to school
It also included fun challenges like "Draw a picture of Mario" as a bonus stage.  Love that they gave children a fun push to start their school year at their best, they even included inviting someone new to sit at lunch with which I thought was amazing, especially with bullying in schools a huge problem these days.  It's simple yet covers the basics to starting a great school year.  While not all older children will be checking off the list for a gift, they will have it in mind to check off to be their best.  After all it didn't come from mom, or a teacher, it came from Nintendo!

They also handed out the "certificate" for leveling up, parents can fill it out when they feel fit and award their children.  It's adorable, and a great way to award younger children in achievements.  Did you know they have some of the printables and more for you to print out at home?  They have labels, certificates, and more fun at
Nintendo NYC ARMS

Nintendo NYC Platoon 2 Gear
My son's favorite game on his Nintendo Switch is Splatoon 2!  Which I mentioned above as a great way to award your children with game time when they do well in school.  
Nintendo Switch NYC
The Nintendo Switch offers an app you can download for free, a parental controls app where you can set time limits, track weekly game time and more!  I have a set schedule for every week avoiding any moments of pleading or overplaying.  Super convenient!
Nintendo Switch sPlatoon 2
Splatoon 2 is also a family-favorite at the moment, so if you're hesitant it really is worth checking out!  So many thanks to Nintendo for a great event promoting a great start to a school year, fun games, and fun goodies!
Nintendo PLATOON 2 nyc

*We attended the event as media, received a gift bag.  All opinions are a 100% my own.