Mechanical Engineering Robotic Arms Experiment Kit by Thames & Kosmos

Mechanical Engineering kit for kids
How do robotic machines perform work?  Children learn by getting hands on, building up to 6 different pneumatic machines with the Thames & Kosmos - Mechanical Engineering Robotic Arms Experiment Kit.
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I love Thames & Kosmos products for children, they provide so many incredible products geared towards fun learning.  This Mechanical Engineering Robotic Arms kit allows for a child to build up to six mechanical models of the type or arms, grabber claws and legs found on robotic machines.  It is geared for ages 7-14.  I let my 9-year-old do it independently and he was able to complete it without any issues.  My son loves seeing how things are built by breaking them apart when possible, so building kits are perfect for him to see how things are constructed to make mechanical machines.  These kits with easy-to-follow instructions teach children so much without them realizing it is learning time.  The best way to learn is through play and this is one of those items that both parents and children love.
Robotic Arms by Thames & Kosmos
204 piece set
Mechanical Engineering Robotic Arms Experiment Kit by Thames & Kosmos
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My son was excited with every part of the machine he built.  Wondering which function it will perform. 
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 The straw is cut to finalize the build.  It provides air to flow from the air reservoir after it's hand pumped, making the claw to open and close.  
Mechanical Engineering Robotic Arms Experiment Kit by Thames & Kosmos
The Mechanical Engineering Robotic Arms Experiment Kit by Thames & Kosmos comes with 204 pieces for 6 experiments, complete with 36-page instructions.  The models use a pneumatic system which uses air pressure to activate the models.  One constructed and connected, children can pump up the air reservoir with the hand pump, then flick the switch to operate the models.  My son loved learning about how pneumatic and hydraulic systems that are used in industrial robots to manipulate heavy objects.  It was the first build of it's kind for us, such a great learning tool.  It inspired a new topic of study for us.  I just cannot express my love for Thames & Kosmos items.  

My family and I love video games and other screen-time options, but when it's time to pull away from technology Thames & Kosmos provides lots of stimulating toys that truly provide hours of fun. It takes patience, concentration while building motor-skills, and problem-solving skills just to name a few of the benefits.  I like that this is like a 6-in-1 set but love that they are functioning builds in the end.  With so much technology readily available to children these days, it's hard to find things that will keep them intrigued and entertained for more than a few minutes.  Thames & Kosmos Mechanical Engineering: Robotic Arms provides the intrigue and challenge that does the job.  For more information, including where to purchase visit MSRP $59.95

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