BEDDI Charge Alarm Clock by WITTI Design with Charging Ports and a Mood Night Light

Alarm clock with charging ports
How's the school year going so far for your family?  Has everyone adjusted to their schedules?  I find that my son loves to know what time it is at all times, and truly enjoys his freedom and independence when it comes to getting up and ready for a school day.  Allowing our older children to claim their independence helps everyone in the long run.  With BEDDIE Charge, my son can take responsibility for the time he wants to wake up each morning, and also keep track of time conveniently during the day too.  The BEDDI Charge isn't just an alarm clock but also a night light, and offers a place to charge his devices with 3 USB ports in the back.  Great device to have in almost any room of your home.
The BEDDI Charge provides a white night light or a multicolored mood night light that gently transitions all night long keeping your child's room dimly lit.  The alarm sound comes on gradually fading in so it's a soothing wake-up experience verses a startled one that most alarm clocks provide.  It also offers a snooze button that will increase in volume.  The time light can also be dimmed or brightened, many great simple features that prove useful.    
alarm clock charging ports
The three ports are perfect for a child to charge up their tablet, phone and any other device.  I love the added port and often charge my phone there as well.  The functions are super easy to program and set.  It's the perfect size for the night stand in any bedroom, but really functions well in an office, as well as a children's room where everyone can charge their devices and become aware of time.  An example of it's many uses can be that the alarm can be set to signify playtime is over if you place it in the kids playroom.  Great for putting a time limit on any actives during the day.    
BEDDI Charge by WITTI Design
Price: $29.99
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