Back Pack Wine - Skip the Cork & Grab a Pack

wine in a can
Mmm.  Wine.  Did I get your attention yet?  For all you wine lovers out there, I'm happy to share with a way to take your wine with you anywhere with ease!  You'll love Snappy White, and Cheeky Rose!  Backpack Wine offers premium wine in a can perfect for taking anywhere you need to!  There are no worries about carrying a bottle, or a cork screw once you have it at location.  Great for get togethers with friends, game nights, and more!  Each can is one serving, perfect portions and overall convenience.
skip the cork grab a pack
Backpack Wine offers premium wine in a can, it's perfect and convenient anywhere.  They came in a box set of four in flavors Snappy White, and Cheeky Rose.  Great for outdoors, or anytime you need to carry wine somewhere for a gathering.  Imagine a day at the beach with a chilled can of wine, picnic, and even a casual evening with friends.  Great for many family and friend holiday gatherings coming up around the corner.  Some gatherings aren't always made for fancy wine glasses, so avoid the spill and hassle of the cork screw and grab a Backpack Wine.
backpack wine review
I don't think it's meant to replace wine preserved in a bottle but definitely an alternative to consider for convenience.  And if you miss drinking out of a glass you can still do that by pouring it into one.  The alcohol content is 11.5% by vol per 250 ml can, I found these wines surprisingly very strong.  If you want to "skip the cork and grab a pack" visit

*Item/s were received for the purpose of review.  All opinions are a 100% my own.