What Do You Know About Ladybugs? - Insect Lore Ladybug Land with Live Larvae

live ladybug kit
If you are looking to make memories with your children that include a fun and educational component to it, you have to check out the Lady Bug Land from Insect Lore.  It is a unique opportunity to teach and learn while witnessing the beautiful metamorphosis of a ladybug.  I cannot recommend it enough, I think every parent should experience the Lady Bug Land with their children. It far exceeds what a reading session, art project, or screen time can provide.  It can, however, be the inspiration behind many projects with your kids.  What do our children know about ladybugs besides how cute they are?  How much do you know about them?  Insect Lore gives you a learning opportunity that you won't forget!
ladybug larvae
When you order a Ladybug Land you get everything you need from start to finish with complete instructions.  The beautiful diorama style habitat and the shipping tube that contains about 10-13 live ladybug larvae.  You open up the top lid of the dome, which is also where you look through to get a magnified view of the metamorphosis. 
insect lore live ladybug larvae
Children can get a full view of the whole process from all angles while the larvae eat and prepare for their transformation.
lady bug larvae little alligators
you can see three stages in the picture above
There is a water reservoir "volcano" that you use the watering pipette to keep the ladybugs from getting thirsty.  They have made it super easy for us to enjoy the whole process.  All you have to do is make sure to drop a couple of water droplets onto the sponge in the middle of the crater using the water pipette provided every day.  We loved the ladybug larvae, they resemble tiny alligators.  I've personally never loved the look of a bug, they were adorable.  It's so much fun to observe them eating and drinking, as well as roaming around from all angles.  The food they need is already in the shipping tube they come in, and you will get to see them eat it all before it's time to release them as ladybugs. 
insect lore ladybug land
from larvae ("little alligators") to the ladybug form overnight
ladybug learn kit

Most of the metamorphosis happens at the same time, but some are a day or two apart.  The few days apart allows you to witness the many stages at once.  You will see the ladybugs colors come in, and if you look closely will even see them expanding their wings.
prek ladybug
We noticed the ladybugs get real close to the opening of the dome, naturally searching for a way out once they are ready.
insect lore ladybug land
When it's time you open up the whole dome, and they will fly out.
insect lore ladybug land
 We stayed around the garden watching them for a while, it was so much fun!
The only thing to keep in mind is to keep them in a safe place away from heat or drafts.  They started to transform right before our eyes.  One by one they start to pupate, they attach to the walls and floor of the dome - they curl up and harden.  It all happens very fast, in about 5 days they come out as adult ladybugs.  You can enjoy them in the dome for about 3 to 4 days while feeding them with raisins that have presoaked.  Full instructions will be provided, and more is available on their website as well.  One of the best parts of the whole experience was setting them free, and you get to watch them fly away.  The whole process will take about 14 days from the day you receive the larvae to when you set them free. 
live larvae ladybug land insect lore
If you are interested in experiencing this on your own, or with children check out insectlore.com to get started.  As you may already know Insect Lore is more known for their Live Butterfly Garden kits, and you can check out our review on that here too!  

Fun facts about ladybugs:
*They love harmful pests like aphids, so they can help your outdoor plants if it is infested with them.  
*A female ladybug can lay 50 eggs in one day.  She will lay up to 1,000 eggs during her lifetime.

*This post was brought to you in partnership with Insect Lore.  All opinions are a 100% my own.