"Build-a-Bot" by Colorific - Bot Friends You Get to Build!

Build your own robot kit
Looking for toys your children can play with that they'll not only love but will also challenge them to learn in the process?  Check out the newest addition to the STEAM toy market,  the Build-a-Bot by Colorific.  With Build-a-Bot, children can not only have a little robot pet to play with but they can actually build it and have it come alive.  Available in three adorable characters; Bunny, Dino, and Fox.   It will be available at Walmart stores (U.S only) on July 31!  We got to test out the Fox, and my children built him in a few clicks by following the instructions on their own.  My youngest has been treating it like it's our new pet, using the little bone it comes with to make it follow along.  It is geared for children 5-12, with younger children needing parental guidance.

Build a robot kit for kids

STEAM toys for kids
What makes this bot so special is that children can build them, and in the end have a fully functioning adorable little bot to play with.  The set comes with over 20 pieces that allow you to construct your own bot and once done you can watch it hop to life! It requires 2 AA batteries, which I love.  My children love that you can even take the robots apart and reassemble, or mix and match parts to create unique configurations.  It gives children additional playtime, helps with following directions, hand-eye coordination, creativity and so much more.
Build a robot kit for kids

"Build-a-Bot" by Colorific
Along with instructions, every kit includes a ""build certificate and a full sheet of stickers to customize your little bot.
"Build-a-Bot" by Colorific

"Build-a-Bot" by Colorific FOX

"Build-a-Bot" by Colorific
Each bot comes with an extra item that you "feed" your bot with, it follows along and hops towards it.  As I mentioned, the fox character comes with a bone.  You gently move the tail of the bot up and it hops.  There are videos of it online if you search, but I think this toy is better enjoyed if you don't see the whole process beforehand.  I recommend this toy, my children ages 2 - 9 all love it.

Build your own bunny, dino, and fox kits
Build a Bot will be available at Walmart stores in the US on July 31th.
MSRP $29.99

There are three characters to choose from; Fox, Bunny, and Dino.  Which one do you like the most?

*This is a sponsored post.  All opinions are a 100% my own.