Our Stay at the Wellnesste Lodge and Nature Sanctuary

Wellnesste Lodge review
I couldn't help but just smile while I was at the Wellnesste Lodge.  It was the green grass, the clear view of the sky, the ponds, the sound of the fast flowing river, the silence, the animals, the cozy E.O. Wilson cabin, and to see my children enjoying it all.  The cabin is named in honor of E.O. Wilson Ph.D. by one of the innkeepers Christophe Marin who was inspired by his books and research about biology and conservation.  There is more of the back-story on how the Wellnesste Lodge came about on their website if you are interested, be sure to check that out.
No matter who you are, what you do on this earth -- we all have things in common.  Among those is to live a happy and stress-free life.  But we all get swept into the hectic everyday life that life sometimes brings.  It is loud, crowded, challenging - everyday testing our patience and keeping us busy on our toes.  It's life, and the way it is for most of us.  Everyone is always running from one thing to another.  It isn't until you get away from the everyday routine that you realize that you needed to get-away.  The Wellnesste Lodge has provided my family with the charge we all needed.  Even my children needed the break more than I had realized.  I highly recommend a getaway to Upstate New York and for you to stay at the Wellnesste Lodge.  It is a truly unique place where even if you don't plan out a schedule, you will still enjoy your time there.  It's peaceful...

Wellnesste Lodge
Wellnesste Lodge is nestled inside of a beautiful and serene 60 private acre estate with cabins to rent and plenty of open space to relax and roam on.  The grounds are very well kept and the hosts are incredibly kind and welcoming.  You will see plenty of chickens, and even baby chicks freely roaming the grounds.  You will also have the opportunity to meet 5 of the friendliest dogs we have ever met.  All the dogs are rescue dogs and have been given a second life there, a true testament to the owner's character who always seemed to be smiling.  A great contagious attitude to carry around.
Wellnesste Lodge
We arrived late on Friday night and walked into the beautiful cozy cabin that was fully stocked with everything we needed.  It was clean and inviting.  The kitchen is well stocked with much of the kitchen supplies you may need during your stay, allowing for guests to cook and bake during their stay.  They had two queen bunk beds and another upstairs in the loft area.  Enough space to sleep up to 6 comfortably.  There is also a full bath with shower.  You get to experience the outdoors, the serenity of the open space, taking walks through trails, sitting by the campfire, hanging by the river that flows through the property, and more!  They also had a small playground set with two swings, and a slide that my children enjoyed every morning.
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The Three Seasons Room open during the Spring, Summer, and Fall is a shared space where guests have access to a large screened space finished with rough cut pine.  Everywhere you go on the property, you will find a place to relax.  They had beautiful set-up picnic tables, a gas BBQ on the outside, and games for children to play with.
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My husband and I had no phone service while there, and it ended up being the best thing.  I was also grateful that they didn't have a television in the cabin, it allowed everyone to be screen-free all weekend long.  It was a place where my children could run free in what was like an endless field, where they played, ran, rolled down hills, and splashed around by the river with us. 
Wellnesste Lodge
Fun trails leading to tiny fairy homes at Sophie's Fairy Garden was super sweet and fun for everyone to have a try at building a little fairy home while enjoying the outdoors.
Wellnesste Lodge review
My family and I are looking forward to going back, in fact before I even packed up to return home, my children asked when we will visit again.  Wellnesste Lodge is one of the perfect places to unwind, and recharge.  Connect with friends, family, nature, or go visit by yourself!
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It was truly a perfect little getaway.  I could imagine it being a beautiful escape in the cold seasons as well with the wood stove and heater to keep you warm.  Our stay at the Wellnesste Lodge passed any expectations I had.  My family and I have been to many places as a family - from the fancy five-star hotels to the plain old tent and outhouse.  This has been one of the best!  The beautifully kept cabin perfect for our family of 5, the chickens, the sweet dogs, the land we were able to explore freely, the amazing hosts made our stay unforgettable.

Here are some points to take away:
  • Only a little over 4 hours away from NYC.
  • The E.O.Wilson Cabin can sleep up to 6 comfortably with other lodging options.
  • Kitchen with microwave, full size fridge, oven, stove and more.
  • Full bathroom with shower. 
  • Plenty of grounds to enjoy the outdoors on a 60-acre estate with 1/2 a mile of river frontage. 
  • Free roaming chickens to greet you all around the property, fun for children!
  • Very clean inside the cabin and on the grounds.
  • Fire rings, wood, and chairs all conveniently located all around the property.
  • Located near family farms and attractions. 
  • No dangerous wild animals to watch out for, but bring bug spray for mosquitos and ticks.
  • A place to disconnect from the hectic world, and connect with yourself, nature, family and friends.
To reserve your stay or to learn more about the Wellnesste Lodge visit www.wellnesste.com, you can also see a additional photos and a drone tour of the property on the site.

*I received a media rate for our stay, all opinions are a 100% my own.