What Does a Stay-at-Home Mom Really Do All Day?

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I requested a group photo, my 2 year-old wanted to hug his sister & brother for the shot. 💕
Let's get this straight so men and grown children get it right.  I'm talking about Mother's Day!  What do moms really want?  On Mother's Day, on their birthdays, you know those few days in a year where they might get some attention all around and you feel the pressure to deliver something grand.  The truth is that moms really do just want to be appreciated and loved all year long.  If you do a good job letting your spouse, or mom know how much you appreciate them all year long, you don't need one day to show them.

Sure if you never
get in the kitchen, and your wife is always the one cooking - that would be the perfect opportunity to take over.  Make something simple, or do something simple.   Take one thing off their list of things they do every day.  I think stay-at-home moms have it the worst.  They are often under appreciated, and no matter how much the media publicizes how "amazing" we are, Mother's Day comes and goes and everyone goes back to thinking we don't do much.  I know it isn't the case for everyone, but it in many cases it is not a glamorous life. 

I am not a perfect parent by any means, if that even exists.  Lately my children wake me up in the mornings to go potty, or because they wake up ready to eat.  I don't get to just prep them for school and send them off.  But once I'm up, I'm up and doing something all day long.  I only am able to sit for short periods of time if something I'm doing requires me to sit.  I get to try to find myself at the end of every chaotic love-filled day once everyone is asleep.  I don't want any of this to get misunderstood as I am one happy and lucky mom to my beautiful & incredible children, but it is not easy.

I thought it'd be fun to share my list of things on my mind every single day and often on my daily check list:
  1. Work out and stay fit alive.
  2. Drink enough water.
  3. Remember to eat.
  4. Make and prepare healthy snacks & meals for your family multiple times a day.
  5. Save money.  Manage finances.  Still keep everyone fed, dressed, healthy and happy.
  6. Maintain a social life.  Maintain a social life for kids.
  7. Plan field trips. Take field trips.  
  8. Get enough sleep at night. 
  9. Make sure kids take their naps and sleep at night.
  10. Make sure the temperature is right for everyone at home.
  11. Come up with daily things to do for everyone.
  12. Set daily school-work schedule.  Keep things fun and educational.
  13. Make sure everyone is learning everything they need to be at grade level and per state requirements. 
  14. Change diapers. Buy diapers.
  15. Buy groceries.  Stay on budget.  Keep it healthy.  Keep it allergen friendly.
  16. Plan meals.  Plan snacks.  Plan lunches.  
  17. Mail and file paperwork for various things.
  18. Check labels for products we use to make sure it's safe for food allergies.
  19. Call companies to verify product allergen safety.
  20. Manage medical prescriptions.
  21. Carry three EpiPens everywhere, make sure it's at the right temperature.
  22. Be alert at all times for children's safety.  Keep them safe from food allergies and asthma attacks.
  23. Serve food specific to individual preferences and needs.
  24. Pick out the right outfit for everyone.
  25. Keep clothes clean.
  26. Keep sheets clean.
  27. Keep floors clean.  Keep walls clean. 
  28. Clean. Clean. Clean. Start over the next day.
  29. Pick up toys.  De-clutter. 
  30. Take out the trash.  Recycle.
  31. Fold clothes.
  32. Make sure to keep husband happy, cheer up husband if he is down.
  33. Make sure to take care of yourself to look your best and attractive for husband.
  34. Showing people in life that every thing's under control.
  35. Plan, prepare, and worry about everyone's futures.  
  36. Bathe kids, keep them healthy and clean.
  37. Manage hair cuts.  Cut everyone's toe nails, finger nails. 
  38. Floss and brush kids' teeth.   
  39. Read to them daily.  Read with them. 
  40. Manage doctors appointments.
  41. Manage important files, and accounts at home.
  42. Plan trips, make calls, organize, pack, plan.
  43. Plan to go out anywhere?  Pack snacks and food made at home from home.
  44. Make sure everyone in the family has a special birthday.
  45. Make sure everyone is given individual attention. 
  46. Cook and bake even while on vacation.
  47. Learn new recipes, find new allergen friendly products.
  48. Manage holidays..manage food allergies with holidays.  
  49. Create safe recipes similar to traditional ones for all occasions throughout the year.
  50. Keep a smile on your face, and never complain. 
  51. Be a role model.  Lead by example...
  52. Sing songs, dance, and play with my kids.
  53. Listen to their ideas, stories, problems..be there for them.
  54. Turn frowns, screams around the house into smiles..multiple times a day.
  55. Cry about toys on the floor, piled up clothes, dishes in the sink that appear right after you spent hours working on exactly that. 
  56. Make sure everyone is having fun, being loved, and you are doing the "right" thing.
  57. Worry nonstop that I am doing it all wrong every single night once everyone is asleep.
  58. Try not to forget I am human too or who I was am... 
I just randomly listed as it came to mind, I mean there are just so many things on my mind all the time.  So parents out there, what's on your daily list?  What's on your mind?  I know many partners who take off to work have lots of worries on their minds too, but this from the perspective of one food-allergy, homeschooling, stay-at-home mom. :)