New York Baby Show Top Picks 2017! #MTBloggerLounge


As a new or expectant parent the New York Baby Show is an event not be missed, so if you didn't attend this year, be sure to keep posted for next year's show.  All things from the small necessities to the extravagant baby gear can be found at the show.  This year they changed the location a bit, and it was for the better.  A much bigger space and layout allowed for guests to enjoy the two days even better than before.  I always find it hard to choose my top picks each year, but I did see some that stuck out at me as I walked through so I based my picks on those.  My top picks for this year's show is the Baby Mel diaper bags, Little Beam nursing pillows, and the EvenFlo Pivot Travel System.

When you think of your typical baby shower registry items or the bare necessities when you are preparing for your baby there a few items that always come up.  Always on that list are the baby car-seat and stroller, the diaper bag, and usually there's a nursing pillow.

baby mel diaper bags

affordable diaper bags
Baby Mel diaper bags caught my eye and for good reason.  They have the perfect stylish bags with all the pockets and necessities you'd expect from a diaper bag, but with an added style that can be worn without looking like a "mom bag".  I love bags that I can use when I'm on my own,  just take out the diapers & wipes to pull it off.  Baby Mel bags offer a variety of styles and prints.  All priced at an affordable rate under $100, considering how often you will be using the bags.  
travel system quality cute

baby show top picks

evenflo travel system
Another must-have item is a travel system.  You might be thinking about purchasing a car seat, and a stroller separately but consider the EvenFlo Pivot travel system.  The whole system with the infant car seat is available for $300.  And it has the same sleek look you want to have in a modern travel system.  
nursing pillow

little beam nursing pillow

Nursing pillows are necessary even if you aren't planning to breastfeed.  They can be used to support your arms, baby, and even your back during feeding time.  I was interested in the shape of the Little Beam nursing pillows as they didn't look like the one I had or the one that everyone usually goes for. Having used the bigger "c" shaped one for all of my children, I never found it to be the best in support.  I got one as a gift when I was expecting, and attempted to use it but was never fully satisfied.  I'm sure other parents can agree.  The little beam is much tougher and provides allot of support when used.  It's portable as it can fit in your diaper bag and anywhere you might need it. 
NY Baby Show Top Picks
Hope you enjoyed my top picks, I really like to go against the obvious choices people might go towards and find something different while finding items I really think will be useful.  

*This is a sponsored post.  All opinions are a 100% my own.