Fun Toys for Hot Summer Days!

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Hot summer days are ahead, and it is the unofficial beginning of summer.  I am excited to share with you some items that are a must-have for some fun in the sun Memorial Day weekend and all summer long!  Perfectly priced toys that deliver lots of fun pleasing both children and parents alike.  American Plastic Toys has the perfect T-Ball set for little kids to start growing their interest in baseball.  My kids and I are in love with water blasters from Prime Time Toys, available in a variety of sizes and styles. My kids are excited and have been already enjoying these items so I could bring you a thorough review.

baseball set

First the T-Ball set is recommended for ages 1½.  It's a fast and easy to assemble that requires one screw.  The set includes a tee, one bat, and two plastic baseballs.  It is easy to clean, and perfect for lots of use all summer long.  Perfectly portable and great to take along on outdoor adventures, we will be taking it to the park as well as weekend camping trips.  It's priced at under $12, and can grow with your child as it comes with a sturdy base with an adjustable tee height.
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good water gun

battle blasters water gun
The water Battle Blaster has super cool features, and is impressively easy to use even for the smallest of hands.  It has a detachable scope that is super easy to look through for maximum accuracy.  All my children ages 2 to 8, loved it!  We had some super hot days that recently passed, and they got to cool off while testing out these fun blasters.  The Battle Blaster blasts water up to 35 feet!
Ages 6+, $12.88
small water gun toys

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prime time toys

easy little kids water blaster
The Hydro Storm 6-Pack also a part of Tidal Storm Water Blasters from Prime Time Toys is a must-have!  It is priced at only $9.88, and offers endless amounts of fun for hot summer days.  It is the ultimate value pack!  The set includes SIX water blasters that are super easy to fill and use.  These compact squirt guns can project water up to 25 feet.  It can be assumed that all my children love this set, it's easy to say they have valued it more than much more expensive toys out there.  Every year we buy water blasters for them to play, and these have been their most preferred for it's easy refill and easy trigger for little hands.  
Ages 4+, $9.88

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good colorful umbrellas
The weather is always unpredictable, all we can do is be prepared.  In case it rains keep an umbrella or two around.  Check out Shed Rain umbrellas; a variety of colorful styles to choose from to keep you dry all season long.

*I received the item/s for the purpose of review.  All opinions are a 100% my own.