Surprizamals Series 2 - Tiny Plush Toy Collectibles

Surprizamals Series 2 rare
Have you seen some of the Surprizamals Series 2 collectibles yet?
Surprizamals rare
They are super cute little plush toys that come in a surprise toy.  I think these are super cute for any age.  I have so much fun watching my children open up these little plush toys.  They are adorable as they are tiny, and with the added element of surprise.  My two youngest love having these in their little pocket, and in their bag to take along everywhere.

Surprizamals Series 2 orson rare

They are the perfect little size.  The opening up and collecting part makes it fun for all ages.
ultra rare collectible
*Ultra Rare!!! 
Surprizamals Series 2 lucky
Surprizamals Series 2 collectibles
I can see these lined up in "kid-at-heart" woman's office table.  They don't take much space and the many characters make it fun to collect.  We got to a few sent to us and my little one just squealed with joy as he saw the little things come out of their little containers.  They are tiny and adorable, your kids will want to take them everywhere.  My tips for parents, is to make sure to keep an eye on them or maybe have them in a bag.  My little one lost two of his off his stroller the first week.

We have a good number in our collection so far, and it is personally one of my top picks from "blind-bag" surprise collectibles out there.  You can check out the series 1 of the Surprizamals in an older post and video of ours featuring the Surprizamals by clicking here.  The Surprizamals characters include common, rare, and ultra rare animals to collect, trade and love.
Surprizamals Series 2 Blind Bag ball toys
There are many to collect and we were lucky to have gotten a few rare, and the ultra rare in the ones we were sent to review.  We are looking forward to getting more of these cute little plush toys.  My daughter can't wait to find Izzy the Unicorn, which one will you want the most?

*I received the item/s for the purpose of review.  All opinions are a 100% my own.