You're Not too Kind, But I Don't Care...

It comes a point in life when you finally feel like an adult.  A good amount of years of young adulthood is spent wandering, waiting, hoping, hurting, living, laughing, learning..and then before you know've grown.  You had to go through all those years..some fun, and some difficult - all to become who you are today.  All to become stronger, and wiser for more years of life.  Life isn't easy, life isn't all hard, life isn't all anything.  It's up and downs.  It's life.  You are not alone in your struggles, while everyone has their own battles - we all share in that we are all LIVING.  

You've had failed relationships.  Whether marriage, friendship, or family.  It's all the same.  It's heartache, and disappointment but in the end it's also learning.  Learning to not make the same mistakes again, and learning to be a better you.

As I tell my children all the time; mistakes are okay to make, as long as you learn from them.  No matter how big you think you have failed, you can still fix it.  As grown-ups, we can learn allot from those things we say to our children.  Repeat those same things you say to your children to yourself.  Be who you want them to be.  Who you want to be friends with.  Who you wish there was more of in the world.  They will learn and imitate what they see more than what they are told.  It truly does go in one ear and out the other, if all we do is just say.  You might not see it now, but what they see will be implanted in their memory.  As parents we automatically are role models.  Even if children grow up choosing not to follow in your footsteps, I believe subconsciously those influences are heavily there.  
Learn to realize that the world is bigger than you think.  Bigger than you can imagine.  Problems can always be worse, just the same as your life can always be better.  Learn to enjoy life as it is, while still trying to be a better you.

Whatever you are going through right now, no matter how difficult.  You can get through it.  You can.  This is just now.  There will be better days, and you will learn from this.  Come out smarter and stronger on the other side of it all.  If you've been through enough that you feel as though you've come to peace with losses and the troubles..and have learned to live passed the many negatives - way to go!  You've made it to a level of actual adulthood.  It isn't easy to make it to this side of it all, and unfortunately there was heartache and struggles..but remember all the good too!  

Oh..and to address the title of this post.  That just represents a bridge I've crossed recently.  I used to care about people's opinions.  If it isn't kind or helpful, it doesn't matter.  There will always be someone that has something to say.  Don't pay mind unless it is kind or helpful.