Celebrate Spring with Crafts and Sweet Halos #MTHalosFun

Can you believe it's already March, and Spring is a little over a week away?  What better way to get in the mood for the season other than some sweet crafts?  Mom Trends and Wonderful Halos hosted a family Spring crafts event last weekend at The Children's Museum of Art, and we had such a sweet time.  Yes, sweet like the Halos mandarins.  My son and my husband surprised me by getting really crafty in their space.  Who knew you could create the cutest bunnies, chicks, and so much more with Halos mandarins.  We love Halos, it disappears by the bags in our home as they are the perfect anytime anywhere healthy snack that pleases kids and parents alike.

Wonderful Halos mandarines are amazing to enjoy as is but just as great to use in different recipes, and as we learned crafting as well.  I along with my younger two crafted while trying to not eat all the mandarines, my oldest got to creating a farmer, a mother hen and chicks, and a bunny with Halos.
These crafts are super easy for just about any age, and can easily be enjoyed with little assistance from a parent.  A small flower pot, crafting foam to line the bottom of the pot, shredded brown and green paper, cupcake liners, a straw to poke a hole as the stem of your flower is all you really need for the craft pictured above.
More craft ideas available at www.halosfun.com/teamhalos.html
 Super easy bunny Halo made by my 4 year old. 
 This one is one of my favorites.  It's "farmer Halo" sitting on some grass and hay.
Aren't these so adorable and fun?  Get crafty with some Halos mandarins with your kids to celebrate Spring!  Make your own farmer, hen and chicks, bunny, flower pot, or create a craft of your own.

Some of the delicious creations available were the Spiced Merry Mandarin Cider, Wonderful Halos Spring Salad, Halos Carrot Muffin, and Wonderful Halos Mandarin Salsa.  These are just some of the ways you can enjoy them.  The recipes show you very versatile the fruit truly is.  Did you also know that they are 100% California born and raised, Non-GMO verified?  On top of being easy to peel - fun for kids to learn to peel I might add, it is seedless as well.
I love adding a burst of sweet Halos into my salads, and loved them in a slightly spicy salsa.  It is a must try recipe.  
RECIPE: Wonderful Halos Mandarin Salsa6-8 Wonderful Halos peeled and chopped.
2 jalapeΓ±os diced (seeds removed)
1 red bell pepper diced
3 tomatoes diced
Juice from 1 lime
Hand full of fresh cilantro chopped
Kosher salt for taste
Whether you want to create a craft or recipe, the hardest question really is - which one will you do first?

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