A Weekend Escape at the Kenshire Campground

Getaways have become a must for our family.  I didn't travel much as a child, parents were too busy with work, and we were always busy with school.  I have a handful of memories doing a short getaway or two.  It just makes me that much more grateful for being able to give my children opportunities to learn through travel, and to simply experience it all.  I'm more than happy to share these experiences and life long memories with them.  Last year before the weather got too cold, we did a road trip from New York City to Pennsylvania, where we stayed in a small deluxe cabin at the Kenshire Campground for a few nights.  As expected it was a memorable trip.  Something about changing the daily scenery and getting out and away from the norm is incredibly refreshing.  The memories created during these trips are truly the most valuable ones.  Kenshire Campground is a beautiful campground located on two ancient ox-bows of Pine Creek.

The location is the perfect escape from the city.  We bond and make memories in ways we usually wouldn't in our regular daily lives.  Sitting around campfires, laughters as a family right before bed, and everything we do becomes a family affair.  It's fun for everyone, and it's quite addicting.  Once you experience a getaway with your family, you'll want a getaway a few times a year...  
When you are home, no matter what wonderful routine you have.  There's nothing like bonding with your children out of that schedule, and being able to enjoy it in a more relaxed environment.  You'll find your kids will pick up pebbles and find joy in that..perhaps more joy in it than the expensive toy collection in their rooms.  No one misses the television, or any kid of electronics when their out discovering different things.  
The Kenshire Campground has a little playground area for children, as well as a swimming hole (weather permitted).  The deluxe cabin we booked had a everything we needed for our short stay.  A picnic table, fire pit, bunk beds, a pull out twin sofa, fully equipped kitchen space, mini-fridge, microwave, heater, air conditioner, fan and a bathroom with shower.  Quite the convenient set up, and it was made even sweeter by the private feel of the space we had.  We didn't feel like we were on top one another with neighboring campers or cabin renters.  It was spaced out lovely, and it made for an even greater experience.
When we travel we try to look for places where they have a kitchen space, and this tiny cabin has a little kitchenette complete with stove and oven.  As a food allergy family, everywhere we go I cook for my kids.  Making meals by the campfire is always great, but it was an extra treat to be able to bake and offer my children sweets during our little getaway.  
We usually go camping a few times a year as everyone enjoys sleeping in our tent, and the full experience.  We chose to try out the Kenshire campground as it was already too late in the season for tenting with our children.  We were so glad we did.  
We were able to enjoy the experience of outdoor fun, and the escape from the city with common amenities.  As mentioned earlier, we make and prepare all our children's meals no matter where we are so we could use all the convenience we can get in our lives.  It's already a handful traveling with young children.    

We are a family of five so the only con I would nitpick about our stay is that the pull-out sofa was not comfortable at all.  The mattress was very old and therefore provided no support whatsoever.  But most people are not traveling as a large group, and might not need the pull-out sofa - therefore avoiding the whole situation altogether.  But if you are traveling as a large group, keep that in mind.  I believe they have other rentals available including campsites, cabins, and RV's.  As you can see from the images, it is a beautiful cabin and area.  If you are looking for a campground in the Gaines, PA area consider Kenshire Campground, not only is it clean, beautiful, run by great people..it is also affordable!  Find out more information on their website, and reach out to them on their Facebook or even give them a call with your questions.