Back Pack Wine - Skip the Cork & Grab a Pack

wine in a can
Mmm.  Wine.  Did I get your attention yet?  For all you wine lovers out there, I'm happy to share with a way to take your wine with you anywhere with ease!  You'll love Snappy White, and Cheeky Rose!  Backpack Wine offers premium wine in a can perfect for taking anywhere you need to!  There are no worries about carrying a bottle, or a cork screw once you have it at location.  Great for get togethers with friends, game nights, and more!  Each can is one serving, perfect portions and overall convenience.

BEDDI Charge Alarm Clock by WITTI Design with Charging Ports and a Mood Night Light

Alarm clock with charging ports
How's the school year going so far for your family?  Has everyone adjusted to their schedules?  I find that my son loves to know what time it is at all times, and truly enjoys his freedom and independence when it comes to getting up and ready for a school day.  Allowing our older children to claim their independence helps everyone in the long run.  With BEDDIE Charge, my son can take responsibility for the time he wants to wake up each morning, and also keep track of time conveniently during the day too.  The BEDDI Charge isn't just an alarm clock but also a night light, and offers a place to charge his devices with 3 USB ports in the back.  Great device to have in almost any room of your home.


I got an email that started with "Ever have those seasons when getting out of bed is agonizing, your typical workout is leaving you more winded than usual, or you’re feeling forgetful?" and I don't know how you feel when you read those words, but I felt like it truly spoke to me!  As a busy parent of three this feeling is so familiar lately, and I was so excited to give the NutraGlow a try.  Suber B is the newest sublingual vitamin from NutraGlow that blends active B-6 and inactive B-12 to help fight fatigue by supercharging the body and optimizing brain function.  I have been trying it out for the last three weeks, and have loved the added boost.  While I can't say I am dramatically energized and focused I do appreciate giving my body and brain all that it needs to be at it's best for my busy days.  I will continue to take it as it tastes good and I feel confidend in it's ingredients and benefits.

Protect Your Skin All Year Long with Australian Gold Botanical Sunscreen

Australian Gold Botanical Sunscreen
Sunscreen that smells good and is free of chemicals?  Yes, why of course I had to share it with you all.  I have fair sensitive and fair skin, it wasn't always so sensitive but I was also not great at taking care of my skin in my younger years.  I rarely wore sunscreen, only tanning formulas while out in the sun. As the years went on and after I became a mom, my skin showed some serious sensitivities to the sun.  I became best friends with different skin protective options, for the purpose of avoiding any more sun spots or rashes from the sun.  The latest products I have been loving is the Australian Gold New Botanical Sunscreens.  They are non-greasy, antioxidant rich formulas that provide the UVA/UVB broad spectrum protection, that happens to smell great as well.  Great for every day when planning to be out in the sun.

Super Vites - Children's Chewable Multivitamin! #gf #dairyfree #soyfree

Children's Chewable Multivitamin!
With the new school year in full force, everyone is adjusting to the new and busy schedule they have to keep up with.  I think children especially have it hard coming from a lay-back summer to busy weekdays.  As parents, we all worry and one of the worries parents have is "are they providing the needed nutrition for their children daily?"  Previnex Super Vites, children's chewable multivitamin can help ensure they are getting needed minerals and vitamins.  It is packed with an organic blend of 28 super fruits & vegetables, with no preservatives or artificial additives, as well as features like gluten-free, soy-free, and dairy-free.  Products that promote a healthier well-being is always great, but the added bonus is that these taste great, and can easily be passed as a sweet treat they will enjoy daily.

Mechanical Engineering Robotic Arms Experiment Kit by Thames & Kosmos

Mechanical Engineering kit for kids
How do robotic machines perform work?  Children learn by getting hands on, building up to 6 different pneumatic machines with the Thames & Kosmos - Mechanical Engineering Robotic Arms Experiment Kit.
Experiment Kit by Thames & Kosmos stem
I love Thames & Kosmos products for children, they provide so many incredible products geared towards fun learning.  This Mechanical Engineering Robotic Arms kit allows for a child to build up to six mechanical models of the type or arms, grabber claws and legs found on robotic machines.  It is geared for ages 7-14.  I let my 9-year-old do it independently and he was able to complete it without any issues.  My son loves seeing how things are built by breaking them apart when possible, so building kits are perfect for him to see how things are constructed to make mechanical machines.  These kits with easy-to-follow instructions teach children so much without them realizing it is learning time.  The best way to learn is through play and this is one of those items that both parents and children love.

Rigoni di Asiago Sweetener & Spreads You'll Love!

Rigoni di Asiago Sweetener & Spreads
Absolutely delicious spreads by Rigoni di Asiago that will change the way you snack!  You can feel good about indulging in these rich and flavorful spreads knowing they are non-GMO and organic!  The simple ingredients will make you smile even brighter than the incredible flavors these Nocciolata and Fiordifrutta spreads bring!  Add the Rigoni di Asiago Dolcedi low glycemic sweetener from apples into your diet, you'll be one happy person.  Add these spreads to healthy crackers, simple store bought cookies, serve them up next to fruit and make yourself to be a master in the kitchen to friends and family.  

Lice Prevention Products You Need by Fairy Tales Hair Care

Prevent Lice products
Lice.  When you think of lice, I think we can all agree it is a nightmare for all families to imagine their child coming home with lice.  And it's that exact thought that has us wanting to do anything we can to prevent it from becoming a reality.  Luckily there are preventive products you can use on your children's hair to prevent lice and nits.  Fairy Tales hair care products uses all natural and organic blends including Rosemary, Peppermint, Tea Tree and Citronella that are not only all natural & safe but also clinically proven effective.   All these natural lice prevention products for children are a must-have all year round, and specially important to start using now that the school year has started.

Save Money - Shop Online Consignment at

Online Consignment at
Dress: $4.50 (1 of 2)  Tights: $6.00 

fashion for kids
Shirt: $6.50  Pants: $11.00 
Have you heard of Swap. com?  I was recently introduced to it, ordered some great items from there, and had to share it with you all.  It is an online consignment store that sells something for everyone in your family.  I took the opportunity to do some "back-to-school" shopping, even though for us it was more like a "end of summer" shopping!  Searched on all the categories I found useful and bought something for my whole family for $100.60!  It was a total of 14 items that included shirts, dresses, pants, tights, workbooks, chapter books, hats & mittens and more for everyone.  Many of the items were "like new" or "new with tags", all for a fraction of the retail price found in stores.  I was nervous shopping online, not having checked out the quality, but it all worked out!

Manuka Honey Products from PRI

manuka honey product review
I try many different products and while I love so many of them, all of them are not always all natural, and I get most excited when they actually are.  The products from Pacific Resource International are made with all-natural organic ingredients, and not tested on animals.  They are a California-based New Zealand importer that was the first to introduce Manuka Honey to American consumers, they are also family owned and run since 1985.  They offer a great variety of items with Manuka Honey covering beauty, wellness, snacks and the likes!  I got to try out some products, and am excited to share a brand that might not be well known to the everyday consumer.  These include the Manuka Honey Lip Balm, Manuka Oil in Sweet Almond Oil, Nectar Ease Manuka Honey with Bee Venom.

Alkamind Daily Greens for a Healthy, Happy & Energized You

Alkamind Daily Greens to Get Energized
I'm not a perfect parent.  I don't have a perfectly set schedule, as much as I try life is too hectic to stick to one schedule strictly all the time.  I make sure everyone is fed, rested and happy all the time, but I forget about me allot.  I don't really forget, but just have no time left for me when the day is done.  I am all about anything to help me get energized every morning and evening.  The two times of the day that I feel exhausted.  I usually go for coffee, but have been trying to cut back after I've noticed some dependency growing.  Right when I was trying to figure out how to cut back or gain more energy during my busy days, I was introduced to Alkamind Daily Greens.  Something that can naturally help me get energized and get some much needed nutrients into my body.  I tried it for a whole week and have had a noticeably different energy level.

Fun Learning with the Latest from Boogie Board! #FunLearning

Jot 4.5 Boogie Board
Our children's minds are like sponges, the less you push the more they'll learn.  What do I mean?  When you sit down and force your child to study and learn, they will most likely be hesitant, but if you play or make the activity fun they will learn without it being a daunting task.  The Boogie Board's latest additions make my points valid and provide a way for children, even toddlers to learn through fun.  The Scribble n' Play featuring Colorburst is the first ever color eWriter, and excites even the youngest of children into creating on the board.  It featuring accesories including the clearview extension which allows children to trace, and play - encouraging creativity and a whole new way of learning on the Boogie Board. 

Natural & Effective Way to Clean Your Face - Konjac Sponges by Dew Puff

Dew Puff konjac sponge exfoliate skin
Who knew washing my face could be fun?  Like everyone else I wash my face in the morning and night, and I usually just use a cleanser and water.  No special scrub or sponge.  I knew there were different tools but didn't bother before.  Thought all was well, thought my face was at it's cleanest potential.  But then I tried the Dew Puff konjac plant fiber sponges, I realized it is the best way to clean and exfoliate my skin.  These are totally unique in itself, and will give you an awesome experience every time you wash your face.  It can be used anywhere on your skin but I have been using it to wash my face.  They are gentle enough for your face, and can even be used by children.  Although gentle they deliver the perfect amount of scrub to take away dead flaky skin cells, leaving your skin actually clean and healthier.

Brunch with Nellie's Eggs & Cabot Cheese

Brunch with Nellie's Eggs & Cabot Cheese
Brunch with Nellie's Eggs & Cabot Cheese
When I had the opportunity to work with Nellie's Eggs and Cabot Cheeses, I knew exactly what recipe I wanted to share with you all!  It had to be our old favorite go-to mashed plantains, fried eggs, and a salami or sausage on the side topped with cheese.  It's one of the best brunch meals to keep you full for a long time.  Nellie's Free Range Eggs paired with Cabot Creamery Co-operative Cheeses make a delicious combination.  I also learned both are B Corporations which means they meet the highest standards of verified social and environmental performance.

Healthy Mamma Chia Products for the Whole Family + Giveaway! #moms #bts

Mamma Chia review
It's back-to-school season and everyone is looking for new and fun things to send in their children's lunch boxes.  Many parents are still reaching for snacks that aren't healthy, full of additives and ingredients not beneficial for their whole family.  I am happy to share with you all great options for healthy snacking, a variety of products from Mamma Chia.  While offering fat and fiber to keep little tummies full it also is a great source of protein and Omega-3s giving them exactly what they need in a snack food.  To try a sampling of the Mamma Chia Squeeze and Granola products keep reading and enter the giveaway at the end of this post for your chance to win!

Great Tasting Beetology Cold Pressed Juices

Beetology  Juices
When it comes to drinks for the whole family we should be looking at all the benefits it can provide.  Not just taste but actual nutrients.  The Beetology juices are tasty, thirst quenching, and good for you!  They are available in a variety of flavors that are all good!  The Beetology cold pressed juices are actually made up of 100% juice!  The variety of flavors include Beet & Lemon & Ginger, Beet & Veggie, Beet & Tropical Fruit, Beet & Berry, and Beet & Cherry.  Mix them into dessert recipes, smoothies, or enjoy as is.

Pocono Manor Resort & Spa in Pennsylvania

Pocono Manor Resort & Spa in Pennsylvania
plenty of sitting areas to mingle and relax
Pocono Manor Resort & Spa in Pennsylvania
Looking for a quick weekend getaway from New York City?  The Pocono Manor Resort and Spa can provide you with the perfect convenient getaway with your whole family.   There are many family-friendly activities to look forward to, many of which are in the 3,000-acre property.  What attracted us was the fast escape from the city that allowed us to get away with a quick family road trip.  It is less than a 2-hour drive away, which is a kind of trip we are always looking for.  The resort has something to do for everyone; go for a relaxing time or an adventure filled one.  Great for families, friends, and special occasions as well!

Getting Blown Away by The Gazillion Bubble Show

daytodayMOMents family to do nyc
daytodayMOMents family to do nyc
Giggles, laughter, and smiles from the audience of all ages can be seen when I did look away from the mesmerizing stage and performance.  You can also spot the occasional shy and slightly hesitant smirks hiding the childish joy within from adults too.  Who knew bubbles had that effect on people?  The Yang family knew.  They are a family of bubble artists among other talents who hold 17 Guinness World records dating from 1997 to 2012, and you can expect one of the Yang family members on stage at The Gazillion Bubble Show share their joy of bubbles and their talents at New World Stages in New York City.

Endangered The Musical at the Davenport Theatre #NYC #FamilyFriendly

Endangered The Musical at the Davenport Theatre
Endangered The Musical at the Davenport Theatre
New York City can be one of the best places to grow up, as much as it can be hectic and crowded it can be your child's classroom with so many opportunities to learn.  There are so many places to go, and so so many shows to attend.  I was able to take my kids to Endangered The Musical at the Davenport Theatre last week and thought it was a cute family-friendly production.  A musical enjoyable for ages 2 and up?  Why, yes!  Endangered The Musical is an adorable play to get children into live theater, featuring a fun and energetic cast of 8.  There are lots of dancing and singing going on to keep even the youngest children glued onto the performance.  For older kids and adults, it brings to light an important message about environmental issues in a lighthearted fun way.

Fun Indoors & Outdoors with The CAT Machine Team & The Barbie Cruisin' Corvette R/C

The CAT Machine TeamBarbie Cruisin' Corvette R/C
Looking for some fun outdoor toys for your children?  I have two great options from Toy State, that's great for outdoor fun.  Kids will absolutely love the Cat Machine Team, and the Barbie Cruisin' Corvette R/C.  The hot pink Barbie Cruisin' Corvette is a head turner, and really a dream come true for me!  It's no secret that I loved Barbies as a child, so I had as much excitement as my little girl with the Corvette.  It's now my daughter's new dream car when she grows up!  The Cat Machine Team is a set that will have children of all ages playing with it while playing at the park, it's perfect for the sandbox or beach.  Get the most out of outdoor play with your children and make lasting memories with these before it gets too cold out.

Family-Friendly Games from Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment: LEGO Worlds & Cars 3 Driven to Win

Family friendly video games
family friendly video games
We cannot get enough of the playing video games in our home!!  LEGO Worlds and Cars 3 Driven to Win are one of the best family friendly games that everyone can enjoy.  It has been really hot and humid the last few days so we have been staying indoors with homemade frozen lemonades and the AC on.  On days where it's too hot to be out, unless ocean side, we choose to do different projects together indoors, or have some bonding time in front of the screen playing video games as a family.  These are the two of the hottest games you have to check out.  Getting creative, giggling over getting instructions from your children on how-to-play are just one of the reasons you should not only let your children have game time, but play with them as well.

Geology Lab for Kids by Garret Romaine Featuring 52 Easy Projects!

geology lab for kids book
Whether you are a homeschooling parent or not, I think you will love the book Geology LAB for Kids by Garret Romaine.  It contains 52 projects to explore rocks, gems, geodes, crystals, fossils, and other owners of the earth's surface.  I think we can all agree that one of the best memories are made when doing projects together, and children learn the most through doing vs. simply watching or reading.  The projects inside range from easy to advanced.  I considered some advanced since some require some items that the everyday person might not have, but overall I am impressed by the many that don't require specialty materials or real skill.  It's just the kind of resource parents and teachers can use to give children the opportunity to learn through play. 

"Build-a-Bot" by Colorific - Bot Friends You Get to Build!

Build your own robot kit
Looking for toys your children can play with that they'll not only love but will also challenge them to learn in the process?  Check out the newest addition to the STEAM toy market,  the Build-a-Bot by Colorific.  With Build-a-Bot, children can not only have a little robot pet to play with but they can actually build it and have it come alive.  Available in three adorable characters; Bunny, Dino, and Fox.   It will be available at Walmart stores (U.S only) on July 31!  We got to test out the Fox, and my children built him in a few clicks by following the instructions on their own.  My youngest has been treating it like it's our new pet, using the little bone it comes with to make it follow along.  It is geared for children 5-12, with younger children needing parental guidance.

"Beat Bugs" Musical Book & Matching Game at Target!

Beatles Beat Bugs book
Last I month I shared with you the news of the hit family friendly show Beat Bugs on Netflix.  Now I am excited to let you know that there are new Beat Bugs products available at Target!  Kids can join the musical adventures anytime with the many products including accessories, apparel, books, puzzles, and musical toy sets.  We got to test out the Beat Bugs Musical Note hardcover book, and Beat Bugs Matching Game.  They are perfect for young kids, even if they aren't a fan of the show yet.  Features musical notes, lyrics, fun characters, and more that are fun for kids.

What Do You Know About Ladybugs? - Insect Lore Ladybug Land with Live Larvae

live ladybug kit
If you are looking to make memories with your children that include a fun and educational component to it, you have to check out the Lady Bug Land from Insect Lore.  It is a unique opportunity to teach and learn while witnessing the beautiful metamorphosis of a ladybug.  I cannot recommend it enough, I think every parent should experience the Lady Bug Land with their children. It far exceeds what a reading session, art project, or screen time can provide.  It can, however, be the inspiration behind many projects with your kids.  What do our children know about ladybugs besides how cute they are?  How much do you know about them?  Insect Lore gives you a learning opportunity that you won't forget!

A Family Must See - "OVO" Cirque du Soleil Live Production #OVO

family show must see
Captivating music, breathtaking talent, and an overall memorable experience for all ages.  It wasn't just a show, it felt intimate, and it was incredibly produced in a way that every second of the show all eyes were glued to the stage.  When I allowed myself to look around, everyone in the audience had bright smiles or open jaws in amazement.  I went with my family not knowing what to expect and came out extremely pleased with the show.  I have been to many family-friendly live shows in the past, from live animal shows, the circus, and many others of it's kind, but the OVO - Cirque De Soleil was hands down the best live show we've ever seen.  My husband and my three young children all loved every minute of the show as well.  No other show has ever captured our attention the way this one has and is an absolute must see!  

Travel Necessities - Toothbrushes and Hair Brushes!

toothbrush anti microbial

detangle compact hair brush

We love to travel as a family, but no matter how often we getaway I always have to make a long list each time to make sure I have everything we need.  Packing can be both exciting, and stressful.  I pack for 5 people, and the list can get long.  I list everything from the very important like emergency medicine, to socks for everyone, to brushes for teeth and hair!  Making a thorough list ahead of time prevents forgetting any small item.  When I run into items that are useful or might make packing easier, I always want to share with you all!  The latest are from MouthWatchers toothbrushes and Hotheads hairbrushes.  Items that work great for everyday use, but also come in a travel friendly packaging or size.

Surprizamals Series 4 - Sea, Woodland, and other Mystical Themed Characters!

Surprizamals Series 4

Another adorable series is out, and we have ours to share with you once again!  These are adorable as they are just as toys, but you can use them as party favors, gifts, awarding for good grades, collecting and more!  I honestly have started to use almost all my collectible blind "bag" toys like this one to surprise my kids at random times.  It is the perfect toy to pull out when you need them to be extra patient, like a waiting area, on a long flight, or road trip.  It gives them a surprise and something to play with.  Aren't they just adorable?  They are one of our top favorite "blind bag" surprise collectibles!

Makeup Like a Pro with "Models Own" Products

Models Own makeup
The more products I try by Models Own, I find myself in love with them all.  Ever watch those makeup tutorials where the artists are so good at what they do and seem to have the most amazing products?  When I try Models Own makeup, I find myself realizing allot of it is in the products you use.  While most of us might need more practice to achieve those looks we see, we absolutely should make sure we get the right products to help us along.  I have tried many different makeup brands before, and have also stood in a store not knowing what to buy, where to start.  Those are the exact reasons why I feel I need to share my thoughts with you all about Models Own products I've tried recently.  These Models Own products aren't extremely expensive, work great and you get enough actual product with your purchase.  It's the kind of makeup products that will be amazing if you already know to apply your makeup well, but also will provide the greatest results if you are still learning - which is so motivating.

Healthy Hair Products by Renpure

When you're a busy mom it is difficult to have a full beauty routine that is easy to keep up with.  I might get a full face of makeup on but I also might not be able to get my hair done.  Any products out there to help me look and feel my best with the least amount of effort is always welcome!  The latest in my health and beauty addition is some products from the Black Label Coconut Line from Renpure.  Renpure comes from the makers of Aussie Haircare, and they're offering a brand new line of products that help us have beautiful, and healthy hair.  They are family owned and operated brand offering everyone at home access to products that can produce high performance, salon quality hair care.

Fashionable DAZI Skinny Ties for Men

Mens Skinny Ties  DAZI

Most men don't wear ties often but those occasions do come along and then they find themselves looking at the back of the closet for that old collection of ties.  Leave your search for those old ties, and upgrade with DAZI skinny ties.  They are the line of ties that are handmade fashion-forward ties that can bring your wardrobe up to date.  DAZI skinny ties come in various designs, styles, and colors.  They even offer some styles for children, including bow ties.  These ties are great for gifting or buying in bulk for a special occasion like a wedding.

In Love with the Shibajuku Girls #toys #fashiondolls

Shibajuku Girls REVIEW
The Shibajuku Girls are the Japanese Harajuku inspired fashion dolls.  They are the most beautiful dolls!  I grew up playing with Barbie dolls, so I am naturally a fan of dolls but I absolutely adore these girls, and feel like this is a modern day Barbie but so much better!  They are beautiful, but not too grown, and with such cute style, I just adore them!  There are 5 girls to choose from in each series, all with their own style and personality.  I am featuring the Koe doll from Series 2 and Namika doll from Series 1, and my daughter and I are in love!  All the Shibajuku Girls are styled very differently from one another, from their hair to their actual style but all beautifully done.

FlipZee Girls - Super Cute Dolls that Flip and Transform

flipzee girl dolls
Flip Zee Girls are the perfect doll for a child that loves plush toys, and also enjoys playing with dolls but love to cuddle up with them too.  These come from the makers of the amazing FlipaZoo stuffed toys I featured a while back.  You get two dolls in one!  They are adorable, cuddly, and absolutely lovable plush dolls that flip from a baby girl to a super fun "big girl" with style.  There are six styles to choose from so your child will be able to choose one that they are able to connect the most with or can collect them all!  After all, the options are so fun, and hard to choose from!  The names reflect the personality and style of the dolls.  There's Zara Flower, Zabrina Ballerina, Zandy Candy, Zoey Bear, Zana Strawberry, and Zuri Cat.

Peppa Pig Products Perfect for Keeping Little Ones Busy and Happy

peppa pig magnet set
We love Peppa Pig in our home, so we are excited to share some of the newest fun products from TCG Toys that your little preschooler will love.  I love shows that teach and Peppa Pig is definitely one of them, and along with the fun educational content I like to try to keep toys we play with educational as well.  The Peppa Pig Jumbo Mega Play Mat and Magnetic Dress Up Box Set promotes hours and hours of imaginative play, making it perfect for little Peppa Pig fans.  These can be enjoyed indoors and can be taken outdoors as well.

Beat Bugs on Netflix - Children's Show Inspired by the Music of The Beatles!

Beatles Music show
I'm excited to share with you all another adorable and energetic children's show Beat Bugs; a Netflix Original Series.  The show was inspired by the music of The Beatles.  Full of fun and catchy music that have teachable messages for children.  My children love the show, and I love the messages in the show..I also enjoy hearing the music.  Targeted for pre-school aged children, I find it a show that even older siblings and parents can enjoy as they sit with the younger children.

Skin, Beard, and Shave Products for Him #GiftIdeas

It's hard to find items for the men in our lives sometimes, so here are some suggestions that might be just what you're looking for.  Skin care isn't what you automatically think about at first when you think gifts for men, but there are a great variety of products for men for their beard, skin, and shaving needs overall.  Whether he is looking to grow a beard, groom his beard, or simply take care of his skin there are products out there.  I'm sharing some products for him from Beard Guyz, Van Der Hagen, and Cremo.  There's everything from face wash, to grooming and styling his beard.  Great gift sets available, as well as opportunity for you to make a gift set by picking and choosing from the products available.
gift ideas for him

12” Classic Sonic Plush Toy by TOMY

12” Classic Sonic Plush Toy by TOMY
 Super cute, super cool 12” Classic Sonic the Hedgehog plush toy by TOMY!  It's a classic Sonic plush character to add to your collection, sure to please the young and old!  I have many adult friends who would love this plush, and rightfully so.  It is soft and nicely detailed as well made.

Gift Idea: High Tech Quality Umbrellas by Shed Rain

Having a hard time figuring out what to get the men in your life for special occasions?  Father's day, birthdays, name it!  Finding a useful, unique, and cool gift is one of the hardest things.  Consider Shed Rain umbrellas that will blow their minds!  It's difficult to find gifts for the men in our lives, but these super cool reliable and modern umbrellas will not only keep them dry but happy even on rainy days.  ShedRain offers a variety of umbrellas, from the affordable to the very expensive.  But they stand behind their products with unique quality umbrellas that are backed up with a lifetime guarantee.  The two umbrellas you need to check out are the E-Motion umbrella, and the Vortex Vent umbrella.  These are umbrellas that will impress the pickiest of gift recipients.

Presidio Wallet Phone Case with a Convenient 3-Card Slot by Speck

 iPhone case with card slot
The Presidio Wallet phone case is a must-have for anyone, and would make a great gift for dads this Father's Day!  They are slim, protective cases that hold up to three cards in a convenient side-loading slot.  I personally have been loving it, and see how it eliminates us busy parents from carrying too much of what we actually don't need.  All most of us really need is our I.D and 2 other cards.  No matter the weather, the less you carry the better!  This stylish case comes in three shades and does more than just protect your phone with the convenient card slot.

Our Stay at the Wellnesste Lodge and Nature Sanctuary

Wellnesste Lodge review
I couldn't help but just smile while I was at the Wellnesste Lodge.  It was the green grass, the clear view of the sky, the ponds, the sound of the fast flowing river, the silence, the animals, the cozy E.O. Wilson cabin, and to see my children enjoying it all.  The cabin is named in honor of E.O. Wilson Ph.D. by one of the innkeepers Christophe Marin who was inspired by his books and research about biology and conservation.  There is more of the back-story on how the Wellnesste Lodge came about on their website if you are interested, be sure to check that out.
No matter who you are, what you do on this earth -- we all have things in common.  Among those is to live a happy and stress-free life.  But we all get swept into the hectic everyday life that life sometimes brings.  It is loud, crowded, challenging - everyday testing our patience and keeping us busy on our toes.  It's life, and the way it is for most of us.  Everyone is always running from one thing to another.  It isn't until you get away from the everyday routine that you realize that you needed to get-away.  The Wellnesste Lodge has provided my family with the charge we all needed.  Even my children needed the break more than I had realized.  I highly recommend a getaway to Upstate New York and for you to stay at the Wellnesste Lodge.  It is a truly unique place where even if you don't plan out a schedule, you will still enjoy your time there.  It's peaceful...