Stress and Anxiety Relief with the TouchPoints Solution

TouchPoints™ are non-invasive lifestyle wear ables that use patent-pending neuro-scientific technology to relieve stress by over 70% in as few as 30 seconds.  When I was first introduced to TouchPoints, I was asked to think of something that troubles me and stresses me out.  I happened to be having a rough day so it was easy for me to go to a tough place in my mind right away, I was almost teary eyed right away because of my thoughts.  Then a representative of the product asked me to hold onto the TouchPoints, and I grabbed them - held them in my hands.  Suddenly, I really did feel better.  I remembered what was on my mind but the knot in my chest disappeared.  I soon found out that the reps weren't reps and that they were actually the founders of The TouchPoint Solution.  It was founded by Neuropsychologist Dr. Amy Serin and executive and child advocate Vicki Mayo.  They had a mission to help those who deal with anxiety and stress.

The Floating Comfort™ Fiberfill Pillow with Customizable Water Base

Water pillow
What stood out to me the most about this pillow is that it has a water base, you actually fill it with water to customize your comfort level.  The feel of the COMBEDLoft Fiber is super soft and inviting, the multilayers work together to bring you proven and tested comfort that you expect from a pillow.  The multilayers it includes is the COMBEDLoft Fiber, thermal insulator that surrounds the water layer, and the exclusive adjustable aqua support pouch that provides responsible support while you sleep.  If you are feeling skeptical the pillow comes with a 60-day satisfaction guarantee or your money back.  Also a 10-year warranty agains manufacturing defects.  Clinical study of the Waterbase pillow has been conducted at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine to rate this pillow as one of the best for falling asleep quickly, overall sleep quality, reduction of neck pain and more!

Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood Trolley Pajamas for Toddlers!

Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood Pajamas!
New adorable pajamas are a must during the holiday season, I usually wrap new fun PJ's of my kids to open up every Christmas eve.  It's such a fun feeling going to sleep in new PJ's just to wake up looking adorable while you run to check under the tree.  Recently I had the chance to receive Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood 2-piece pajama set for my kids and happy to share it with you all.  They are super soft, comfortable and colorful.  

Sands Alive, Play Dirt, and Floof by Play Visions - Fun for All ages - Gift Ideas

These round up of toys from Play Visions are great for all year round play, but greatly appreciated during the cold seasons when kids can't always play outside.  Bring in the Play Dirt so kids don't need to be in their backyard or park to have fun with "dirt".  FLOOF is fun on snow days, sometimes it is too cold and not fun to take kids out to play in the snow, and FLOOF is a great fun alternative.  Wish you were on the beach playing in the sand with your children?  Sands Alive! will help solve that problem.  What is great about all of these items is that it really is hours of fun, relaxing for adults if you do join in with your children, and they are made with a fun formula that makes it easy to clean up after.  

Games for the Whole Family - (Hedbanz & Othello)

family Games Hedbanz & Othello
family Games Hedbanz & Othello
Games for kids and the whole family always makes for a great gift!  Birthdays, holidays, or just-because.  It's one of those special items that keeps on giving.  If you are looking for last minute ideas or a fun game to play as a family that will provide lots of fun memories and will also be used lots of times, consider Othello, and Head Banz by Spin Master.  Games that will get you giggling, spending time together, and games that will get everyone thinking.  These are also the kind of gifts that will please both mom and child.  These don't have to be a wrapped present under the tree this holiday season, show up with it in your arms to bring some fun to the day.

Collectible Nano MetalFigs from Jada Toys! (Marvel Spiderman & Guardians of the Galaxy)

Collectible Nano MetalFigs
Collectible Nano MetalFigs from Jada Toys!
Fun and different stocking stuffer idea for collectors and fans of all ages!  The Nano Metalfigs by Jada Toys.  They have a line of collectible nano 1.65" scale 100% die cast cures, each with that distinctive die-cast feel weighing around 24-30g.  Great quality feel and well detailed.

Beasts of Balance - A Stacking Game of Wild Creation #familygamenight #giftideas

Beasts of Balance - A Stacking Game of Wild Creation
Amazing game that needs to be added to your game night!  The Beasts of Balance is a stacking game of "Wild Creation".  It makes for an unforgettable gift for anyone ages 7 and up!  It's so much fun that requires concentration, dexterity, strategy, and creation!  Most importantly it is fun.
<iframe width="560" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" gesture="media" allow="encrypted-media" allowfullscreen></iframe>
Check out the video above to see how the game is played.

Life Saving Device - AlcoMate Revo Digital Personal Breathalyzer!

AlcoMate Revo Digital Personal Breathalyzer
Personal Breathalyzer
Something you may never think to own is a breathalyzer, but I actually think everyone should own one.  It should be carried in our cars and bags.  This is the season where many people are driving and partying.  Everyday someone somewhere is getting behind the wheel after having a drink or two, trusting only their judgement - which is not reliable!  The AlcoMate Revo Digital Personal Breathalyzer can save lives.  Don't assume you are okay to drive without testing your BAC.  lf your evening included sipping on cocktails or any alcoholic beverages, now you can check your blood alcohol content (BAC) with AlcoMate Revo before you get on the road behind the wheel.  This most accurate pocket-sized breathalyzer is a must-have.  Consider gifting to family or yourself this year!

Must Have - 3Doodler Start 3D Pen Set (Ages 8+) #toys #3DPen #whatwillyoucreate

3Doodler Start 3D Pen Set
Looking for an amazing gift idea for children ages 8 and up?  For those children who aren't into the toys that are trending, collecting but looking for something they can make something with - the 3Doodler is amazing.  It is endless fun, all you would have to do is restock on the plastic refills.  This is easily one of our top favorites.  I love how easy it is to use, and the results are absolutely wonderful.  We received the 3Doodler PowerPuff Yourself Kit a while ago, and finally tried it out.  The only regret was not trying it out sooner.  My son (9) loves it, my younger two want us to make them things with it.  It's a great purchase for a gift, or to purchase as a learning tool for children.    

Children's MircoLingual Vitamin Tablets by Superior Source #Vitamins #health

children micro lingual vitamins
Keeping our children at their healthiest is one of our main priorities, and it's always great to learn of different options to help make sure they are getting everything they need everyday.  The Superior Source vitamins are super convenient MicroLingual instant dissolving tablets that are great for children.  I tried it and it barely has any flavor, and dissolves really quickly so your children will not complain.  Available in a great variety of choices, you can find what you are looking for.  Whether it's an extra boost of vitamin D during the winter (indoor seasons) or extra immune support all year long they have it.  They offer it for adults, baby and children, with different appropriate doses.  

Plasma Series Case for Google Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL - Urban Armor Gear

case for Google Pixel
If you or someone is in the hunt for a great case to protect your new Google Pixel phone, check out Urban Armor Gear.  They are one of the leading designers in lightweight mobile device cases that are proven to provide everything you need in a case.  Their Plasma Series cases are a best seller, and now are available for your Google Pixel and Pixel 2 XL.  They not only look great but offer high quality protection from drops and daily use.  A good case for a loved device is always a great gift idea!   

Hero Clean Detergent & Home Cleaning Products

You ask a parent what is one thing they do the most of?  One of the top answers will be cleaning and laundry.  I do plenty of my children's laundry, but right up there is an endless amount of laundry piles from my husband.  A while back I was introduced to Hero Clean, they make laundry and home cleaning products that help fight stains, messes, and odors associated with men's sweat.  It has been "formulated specifically, scientifically and aesthetically" to handle it all.  Of course it was originally formulated for men, but I think it has grown to be a product everyone can use and love.  I really enjoy using the detergent on my husbands clothes, it leaves a great scent that he loves.  You can check out their products, and buy a kit that includes Dish + Hand Soap, All Purpose Cleaner, and Odor Eliminator.  Their products have a unique scent, which has Juniper; which is the main ingredient in Gin.

Slime Flat Tire Repair Kit - No Jack or Tools Needed!

gift idea for car ownder
The Slime Flat Tire Repair Kit is something I hope I never need, but am happy to have in my car.  I just started driving this past summer so imagining a flat tire, a spare tire and all that it entails is absolutely terrifying to me.  I believe it isn't something someone thinks about too often, or is ever excited about.  The Slime Next Generation Tire Repair Kit makes it easy to fix a flat tire on your own without waiting in the car, say with kids for hours.  It gets you ready to move on and off the dangerous roads fast.  I've learned that it's the safest, simplest solution to a flat tire.  There are four steps to follow, and it requires no tools, or a jack.  It is important to be prepared for the unexpected at all times, this would make a great gift idea that is truly useful!

KAOS Pump Station & Bubble Blitz Blaster #unexpectedgift #giftideas

summer toys
bubble blaster toy
It's been so cold out but there's nothing like going out and still enjoying summer toys in the warmer days of fall and winter.  Of course it depends on how cold it is outside and what kind of toy we are talking about.  At the end of the summer days I was sent a KAOS Pump Station with Color Bombs, and a Bubble Blitz Flash Blaster.  I thought about waiting until we are closer to summer days to share with you all, but I don't know the forecast where you are and if you also enjoy playing with all sorts of items hot or cold out.  It's also never a bad time to start getting ideas for summer fun.  Even though this might catch you off guard in the middle of gift ideas and stocking stuffers, these actually do make a super fun gift idea during the holiday season!  I have 3 kids and they seem to think so!

Little Miss Matched Socks! #stockingstuffer #giftidea

mismatched socks
 Boring cold day?  Add color and personality with your socks!  Plus, layering helps keep you warm... 
Little Miss Matched Socks!
Fun fact is that my children and I love getting socks and underwear in our stockings each year.  They have an aunt who actually wraps a few undergarments for them, and my children have learned to appreciate it.  We appreciate it as it's something that's useful, but want to make it more fun for everyone?  The Mismatch socks are going to please even those that don't usually like receiving socks, as they are super special!  The Vintage Socks by Little Miss Matched are super fun and available in sizes for children and adults!  They are available in knee-high, ankle, and linear socks.  The packs come with 3 single socks that don't match!  My daughter loves to mismatch her socks, and these are perfect.

HALO Build & Play Model Kits by Revell #giftideas

HALO Build & Play Model
Latest in the toys we've tested out is plastic model kits by Revell.  My son (9) has always been a fan of building sets, and has come to really enjoy these HALO Build and Play model kits by Revell.   They are greatly detailed, come with easy-to-follow directions, and is easy for him to snap together to complete the builds.  The HALO themed UNSC Warthog and UNSC Pelican are as fun to play with as they are to build.  Once built they become great toys that my children play with, it even has pieces that have lights and sound!  Great idea for gifts for those who like to build.

Build & Play STEM Sets - "Build-a-Bot" by Colorific (Bunny, Dino and Fox) #GiftIdeas

A while back I shared with you all the Colorific Build-a-Bot building sets for kids.  We reviewed the Fox previously, and I'm so happy to remind you of these cute sets as great gift ideas for the holiday season!  They have an adorable colorful Bunny and a Dino to complete the available characters to collect.  Children can build these little robot pet friends by clicking together pieces, they do require 2 AA batteries, and once on it is interactive with the little toy each character comes with.

Snuggle-Pedic Pillow for the Gift of Comfort #giftidea

Relief mart Snuggle-Pedic Pillow
I don't know if it has to do with getting older but I truly enjoy gifts that are useful rather than the 'cool at the moment' type of gifts.  What's more of a giving-gift that will keep on giving than pillows?  I want to introduce you to Snuggle-Pedic pillows, perfect to consider gifting someone special in your life.  I think pillows and other items we use daily should always be on the top of the list as gift ideas, and I'm so happy to share with you the this Made in the U.S.A pillow and what it has to offer.

Babytime! Children's Skin Care Products #StockingStuffer #giftideas

*Item/s were received for the purpose of review.  All opinions are a 100% my own. 
Babytime! Children's Skin Care Products
Still scrambling for ideas for gifts?  I find the most memorable gifts are the gifts that get used allot.  I will especially appreciate it if it was useful for one of my babies.  With that said, check out Babytime products for kids.  Babytime products uses natural ingredients and at least 70% are organic including real fruit, vegetable and seed oils.  They have a great line of products, and you can easily make an awesome gift set for someone special.  Have a little 4 or 5 year-old you are looking for a gift for?  Stand out by getting them something they will use and remember.  Of course great for new parents and babies!  

Skin Care Products with Dead Sea Minerals - Bloom Mineral Beauty #Giftideas #skincare

*Item/s were received for the purpose of review.  All opinions are a 100% my own. 
dead sea salt skin care
Bloom Mineral Beauty is a great idea for stocking stuffer or for making a great gift set.  These products are extra special because they contain Dead Sea Minerals that is known to have therapeutic properties.  It has unique properties that can help moisturize, detox, and soften skin.  I got to try the Purifying Mud Mask, Hydrating Almond Scrub, and Shielding Body Lotion.  I love getting to try new products, and love to see products that contain natural ingredients.  The are paraben-free, cruelty-free, no animal testing, petroleum-free, and GMO-free.  Instead of spending on gift items that may not be used, get someone these Bloom Mineral Beauty products they will use and appreciate.

Super Wings - Jett's Takeoff Tower Play Set #giftideas #toys #superwings

*Item/s were received for the purpose of review.  All opinions are a 100% my own. 
The Super Wings - Jett's Takeoff Tower
My youngest two love the Super Wings show, so I was excited to surprise them with the Super Wings - Jett's Takeoff Tower.  It allows children to play creatively for hours at a time.  You guys already know I love toys that inspire creative play that challenges motor skills, and helps create fun memories.  If you aren't familiar with the show, Jett and his friends travel around the world delivering packages to children who need help from the mighty Super Wings!  It is a great children's show that teaches children problem solving skills, and introduces to cultural diversity.  The 2-in1 play set is a large jet with wheels and a carry handle children can play with, and it also opens up to transform into an airport with an easy press of a button.  The whole play set folds right back into one piece for easy and clean storing.  It also comes with 1 Pop'n Transform Jett that fits in the bigger jet for storing!  Great gift idea for children!

Star Shower Window Projector System & Holiday Light Show! #holidaydecor #giftidea

*Item/s were received for the purpose of review. All opinions are a 100% my own.

3d Holiday Light Show3d Holiday Light Show
If you haven't already say "goodbye" to difficult decor during the holidays, the Star Shower Window Wonderland Projector System and Star Shower Slideshow will make everything extra festive with minimal effort.  If you still love the more traditional decor in and around your home, these will also work as a great addition to really step it up.  I'm so happy tech has developed and this is available for everyone now.  We are able to decorate without giant inflatables, ladders, wires and lights.  Setup is ridiculously easy, for the most part all you have to do is find a spot that works, and plug in.  These are available in many retailers both online and in stores at affordable rates, so go find them right away!  Great to purchase for yourself so you can impress your neighbors.  Also great idea for a gift, these include slides for other holidays such as Halloween, not just great for Christmas time of year.  There are some great deals available online on these and they are ready to ship in 24 hours, so keep reading to visit the site!

Mini Arcade Games (Frogger, Centipede) #Giftideas #whiteelephantgift

*Item/s were received for the purpose of review.  All opinions are a 100% my own. 
white elephant gift
These mini arcade games are sure to be a hit for children and especially adults who are nostalgic of the simpler days of gaming.  The Frogger and Centipede are favorite classics, perfect for on-the-go, in the children's play room, and a great item to have on the coffee table for guests to enjoy.   Mini Arcade Game take you back with real authentic 80's graphics, sounds and game play.  Easy to play joysticks will have every one of all ages grabbing for a turn.  A super fun gift idea for children and adults alike!  

FIJIX Spinners - Fidget Spinners (Star Wars, Despicable Me) #giftideas #stockingstuffer

*Item/s were received for the purpose of review.  All opinions are a 100% my own.  
Fidget Spinners Star Wars, Despicable Me
Fidget spinners were all the rage this past year, and since then there has been many better varieties created by brands we trust.  I'm sure there isn't a child out there that doesn't know what they are.  These Fijix fidget spinners are an easy pick for a must-have stocking stuffer or a gift add-on.  Great quality, great design, there's nothing not to love!  The character and themes are a hit with fans of all ages.  Fijix Spinners are super fun to collect and play with.

Visit the Queens Center Mall for Your Family Photos with Santa! #SantaHQ

Whether you celebrate Christmas or not, believe in Santa or not, there's something so special and memorable about getting the annual holiday family photos! I have been making sure to get ones of my children annually.  It wasn't until I looked back one year at the old photos that I truly appreciated it.  Wondering where you should get yours?  Visit Queens Center's Santa HQ for a fun experience that your children will enjoy.  Queens Center has partnered with HGTV once again and is hosting the North Pole's most prominent resident at Santa HQ.  Families are encouraged to partake in an interactive digital experience at Santa's workshop during their photo session.

JENGA Giant JS7 - Can Stack Up to 5 Feet #giftidea #ages12+

*Item/s were received for the purpose of review.  All opinions are a 100% my own.
daytodayMOMents toy review
Giant Jenga reviewI have had so much fun with my family playing with the out of this world Jenga Giant JS7.  If you aren't familiar with Jenga, it is a game where players take turns removing one block at a time from the tall tower, replacing at the top of the tower.  As the game progresses the tower gets taller, unstable, and the player that makes the tower tumble loses.  It requires a bit of luck, lots of fun strategy, and in the end it's a fun physical game where everyone will enjoy themselves.  What makes the Jenga Giant JS7 so special is that it is truly giant! Instead of the classic game that fits on a table, this is meant to be played on the ground with the players standing around it.  Great for ages 12 and up, but children younger can play with guidance.  

Must-Have Remote for Holiday Lights - Treemote #Giveaway!


Adorable and convenient little remote that you didn't know you needed!  The Treemote is a must-have for everyone.  For years we've been dealing with turning the tree and other decoration lights off manually, sometimes in hard to reach places, but the TreeRemote changes that.  With the easy remote you simply click the lights on and off without having to reach the outlet or cords.  The added bonus is the adorable look of the remote!

Intelligent Magnetic Construction Set for Brain Development (ages 3+) MAGFORMERS #toys

Magnetic building set for kids
Looking for a toy that gets your child thinking and is also great for all ages?  Check out Magformers, magnetic shapes children can build with.  As a homeschool mom of 3, I love toys that bring joy to my children but I love toys that are full of learning opportunities even more.  The Magformers Curve is great building set for ages 3 and up.  It allows children to build while combining magnetic pieces to build balls, towers and so much more.  Follow the booklet it comes with or use your imagination, buy more pieces and let your imagination take control to unlimited fun!

Zinc Flyte - Children's Scooter & Luggage-in-1! (Ages 2+) #MyZincFlyte #SidtheCyclops

*Item/s were received for the purpose of review.  All opinions are a 100% my own.  #Ad
Zinc Flyte - Children's Scooter & Luggage-in-1
Zinc Flyte - a suitcase, and a scooter in one!  It's kind of a dream come true for children and parents alike.  My children all love the scooter and luggage in one.  It is the perfect size for my 2 year old, and he has been giving it a real test by riding on it every chance he gets.  My daughter (4) loves being able to put her favorite teddy bear, toys, and more on the go without carrying it.  We take lots of walks around our neighborhood, the park, as well as day trips around the city.  We've taken it on many of our weekly trips and have been loving it.  I am imagining it to be amazing at the airport as it is airline approved!  

Little Live Pets My Dream Kitten Cuddles - Gift Idea Ages 4+

gift idea ages 4+
Cat person, dog person, frog person?  No matter what you are into, there's no way you won't love the Little Live Pets My Dream Kitten - Cuddles!  She is adorable, lovable, and oh so sweet for anyone.  So lifelike it is a great alternative for families with children who want a pet, but not the full responsibility of one.  My children are always asking for a pet, aren't they all?  For us, Cuddles has been a great way for my younger two to keep busy "taking care" of their new pet.  Her eyes open and close, her tail moves, she purrs, and has many fun features that react to touch.  

FlyBlocks DIY Build N' Fly Drone Kit - Gift Idea Ages 14+

Gift Idea Ages 14+
My son has been so interested in drones lately, so we were so excited to give the FlyBlocks DIY Drone Kit a try.  It is unique from any other drone toy we've seen as you get to build it in order to fly it.  My son and I found out that we were not as experienced as we wish we were, as it's meant for ages 14+ and perhaps those who are better experienced with flying drones.  It is so much fun to assemble it, connect the wires, and follow the easy steps.  I appreciate the educational component to it as it's not just a pick up and play toy.

Fingerlings Baby Monkey Zoe!

Fingerlings Baby Monkey review

Have you seen this cute little monkey by Wowwee yet?  The Fingerlings adorable pet baby monkey is an interactive toy that is great for kids to play with and take on the go.  We have Zoe pictured above who likes to hang upside down.  The little monkey is an interactive little toy that will keep children guessing the new sound and reaction with each swing, pet, and rock.  Adorable features include it's little hair, moving eyes, and head.  My kids love taking our little baby monkey Zoe on the go! 

No Tricks, Just Healthier Treats #Giveaway #ManukaHoney #shopPRI

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No Tricks, Just Healthier Treats #Giveaway #ManukaHoney
It's so important for us to give our families the best all year round, no matter the holiday or occasion!  We all indulge in our sweet treats but even for those moments, there are healthier choices for us all.  I am happy to participate it in the "No Tricks... Only Healthier Treats" giveaway.  Read on to win an awesome and delicious bundle, that is much healthier than most items coming out of those tricky bags on Halloween.  

Even if you don't win, I don't want to let you go empty handed so use the code Treats15 and get 15% off all products, including free shipping at!! 

SwaddleMe Gift Sets & Swaddles Parents Need

*This is a sponsored post.  All opinions are a 100% my own. 
SwaddleMe new items 2017
SwaddleMe has 5 new additions to their line of safe sleep products for infants! Adorable new swaddles that are uniquely genius and perfectly arranged new gift sets for the new baby in your life.  I am getting baby fever just looking at these innovative new products.  When I first became a parent, I swaddled my son with his baby blankets, luckily knew how to as it was a common way to wrap a baby when they're infants in my culture.  But with my second and third I discovered ready to go swaddles, and sleep sacks that made it all so much more convenient and safe for baby.  SwaddleMe has come out with the new SwaddleMe Footsie, and SwaddleMe Kicksie - new versions of their original swaddles.  Adorable names to go with effective products that will help new parents cater to their child's stage in development.     

Phyto-Medic Enhancer for Your Lashes and Brows!

BROWFOODWhether you are looking to make your lashes and eyebrows simply healthier or want to improve the look, check out BrowFood and LashFood!  It contains the Phyto-Medic Complex that has been harvested from Jeju Island, South Korea's jewel of the sea.  It delivers nutrients to feed your eyebrows or lashes to help achieve your best look yet.

The Perfect Mom's Night Out! #MtNightOut2

Parents magazine mom night out
Last week Mom Trends hosted it's second annual Mom's Night Out event, and as expected it was a wonderful evening!  Being surrounded by smart, hardworking women in one great space while enjoying drinks, some delicious bites and learning about some family-friendly brands makes for a fantastic night.  Did I mention the mini foot massages and makeovers?  Yup, Mom Trends always knows how to host a well-rounded event worth our time.  The event was sponsored by Meredith Publications (Parents, Family Fun, Fit Pregnancy), the brands at the event included Jif, New Balance, Swaddle Me, Visit Williamsburg, and Munchkin Inc.  Sometimes as parents, even when we get away from home, all we end up talking about is our children.  So an evening with great family friendly brands makes for a great evening, especially with other like minds.

GoTrax Hoverfly Hoverboard Giveaway!

I am excited to bring you the opportunity to win a GoTrax Hoverfly Hoverboard!  You get to choose the color of your choice if you win, the giveaway runs from 10/09 - 10/23!  Use the Rafflectoper below to enter to win!  It is hosted by What U Talking Bout Willis, and sponsored by GoTrax! 
GoTrax hOverboard hOverfly Giveaway

The Ozobot Bit - Boredom Buster for Kids #STEAM

The Ozobot Bit
The Ozobot Bit
I think these days our children reach a certain age, get a hold of tech devices and lose their interests in toys.  The years where our children actually play interact and have imaginative play pass by so fast, and the cut off age keeps getting younger and younger.  I cannot express my appreciation for the Ozobot Bit enough.  It is the perfect little bot to promote creativity, and eliminate boredom!  My son loves it so much, I love that it is endless amounts of fun.  Perfect for anytime, and great on-the-go.  Ozobit Bit is the perfect coding toy for beginners.  It perfectly blends coding while promoting creativity.    

Legoland Indoor Discovery Center in Westchester

Indoor play Westchester NYC
Legoland Discovery Center in Westchester NYC
I visited the Legoland Discovery Center Westchester with my 3 children and found myself pleasantly surprised.  It is an indoor family entertainment center located at Ridge Hill Shopping Center in Yonkers, NY in Westchester County.  I was skeptical based on a previous overcrowded experience many years back, but everyone truly enjoyed themselves.  We spent the whole day exploring all that there was to do.  All three of my children ages 9, 4, and 2 found things to get excited about.  Truly a wonderful play space for children, not just for LEGO fans, although they'll probably leave having become a LEGO fan.  There are rides, tons of opportunity to build, Master Builder Academy workshop, LEGO 4D cinema, and so much more!  I think it's best for ages 2 to 11, they're open every day so it's a great place to visit during the week if you homeschool or have younger children not in school yet.  I met some families who have annual passes and come after school, great idea!