What Do You Know About Ladybugs? - Insect Lore Ladybug Land with Live Larvae

live ladybug kit
If you are looking to make memories with your children that include a fun and educational component to it, you have to check out the Lady Bug Land from Insect Lore.  It is a unique opportunity to teach and learn while witnessing the beautiful metamorphosis of a ladybug.  I cannot recommend it enough, I think every parent should experience the Lady Bug Land with their children. It far exceeds what a reading session, art project, or screen time can provide.  It can, however, be the inspiration behind many projects with your kids.  What do our children know about ladybugs besides how cute they are?  How much do you know about them?  Insect Lore gives you a learning opportunity that you won't forget!

A Family Must See - "OVO" Cirque du Soleil Live Production #OVO

family show must see
Captivating music, breathtaking talent, and an overall memorable experience for all ages.  It wasn't just a show, it felt intimate, and it was incredibly produced in a way that every second of the show all eyes were glued to the stage.  When I allowed myself to look around, everyone in the audience had bright smiles or open jaws in amazement.  I went with my family not knowing what to expect and came out extremely pleased with the show.  I have been to many family-friendly live shows in the past, from live animal shows, the circus, and many others of it's kind, but the OVO - Cirque De Soleil was hands down the best live show we've ever seen.  My husband and my three young children all loved every minute of the show as well.  No other show has ever captured our attention the way this one has and is an absolute must see!  

Travel Necessities - Toothbrushes and Hair Brushes!

toothbrush anti microbial

detangle compact hair brush

We love to travel as a family, but no matter how often we getaway I always have to make a long list each time to make sure I have everything we need.  Packing can be both exciting, and stressful.  I pack for 5 people, and the list can get long.  I list everything from the very important like emergency medicine, to socks for everyone, to brushes for teeth and hair!  Making a thorough list ahead of time prevents forgetting any small item.  When I run into items that are useful or might make packing easier, I always want to share with you all!  The latest are from MouthWatchers toothbrushes and Hotheads hairbrushes.  Items that work great for everyday use, but also come in a travel friendly packaging or size.

Surprizamals Series 4 - Sea, Woodland, and other Mystical Themed Characters!

Surprizamals Series 4

Another adorable series is out, and we have ours to share with you once again!  These are adorable as they are just as toys, but you can use them as party favors, gifts, awarding for good grades, collecting and more!  I honestly have started to use almost all my collectible blind "bag" toys like this one to surprise my kids at random times.  It is the perfect toy to pull out when you need them to be extra patient, like a waiting area, on a long flight, or road trip.  It gives them a surprise and something to play with.  Aren't they just adorable?  They are one of our top favorite "blind bag" surprise collectibles!

Makeup Like a Pro with "Models Own" Products

Models Own makeup
The more products I try by Models Own, I find myself in love with them all.  Ever watch those makeup tutorials where the artists are so good at what they do and seem to have the most amazing products?  When I try Models Own makeup, I find myself realizing allot of it is in the products you use.  While most of us might need more practice to achieve those looks we see, we absolutely should make sure we get the right products to help us along.  I have tried many different makeup brands before, and have also stood in a store not knowing what to buy, where to start.  Those are the exact reasons why I feel I need to share my thoughts with you all about Models Own products I've tried recently.  These Models Own products aren't extremely expensive, work great and you get enough actual product with your purchase.  It's the kind of makeup products that will be amazing if you already know to apply your makeup well, but also will provide the greatest results if you are still learning - which is so motivating.

Healthy Hair Products by Renpure

When you're a busy mom it is difficult to have a full beauty routine that is easy to keep up with.  I might get a full face of makeup on but I also might not be able to get my hair done.  Any products out there to help me look and feel my best with the least amount of effort is always welcome!  The latest in my health and beauty addition is some products from the Black Label Coconut Line from Renpure.  Renpure comes from the makers of Aussie Haircare, and they're offering a brand new line of products that help us have beautiful, and healthy hair.  They are family owned and operated brand offering everyone at home access to products that can produce high performance, salon quality hair care.

Fashionable DAZI Skinny Ties for Men

Mens Skinny Ties  DAZI

Most men don't wear ties often but those occasions do come along and then they find themselves looking at the back of the closet for that old collection of ties.  Leave your search for those old ties, and upgrade with DAZI skinny ties.  They are the line of ties that are handmade fashion-forward ties that can bring your wardrobe up to date.  DAZI skinny ties come in various designs, styles, and colors.  They even offer some styles for children, including bow ties.  These ties are great for gifting or buying in bulk for a special occasion like a wedding.

In Love with the Shibajuku Girls #toys #fashiondolls

Shibajuku Girls REVIEW
The Shibajuku Girls are the Japanese Harajuku inspired fashion dolls.  They are the most beautiful dolls!  I grew up playing with Barbie dolls, so I am naturally a fan of dolls but I absolutely adore these girls, and feel like this is a modern day Barbie but so much better!  They are beautiful, but not too grown, and with such cute style, I just adore them!  There are 5 girls to choose from in each series, all with their own style and personality.  I am featuring the Koe doll from Series 2 and Namika doll from Series 1, and my daughter and I are in love!  All the Shibajuku Girls are styled very differently from one another, from their hair to their actual style but all beautifully done.

FlipZee Girls - Super Cute Dolls that Flip and Transform

flipzee girl dolls
Flip Zee Girls are the perfect doll for a child that loves plush toys, and also enjoys playing with dolls but love to cuddle up with them too.  These come from the makers of the amazing FlipaZoo stuffed toys I featured a while back.  You get two dolls in one!  They are adorable, cuddly, and absolutely lovable plush dolls that flip from a baby girl to a super fun "big girl" with style.  There are six styles to choose from so your child will be able to choose one that they are able to connect the most with or can collect them all!  After all, the options are so fun, and hard to choose from!  The names reflect the personality and style of the dolls.  There's Zara Flower, Zabrina Ballerina, Zandy Candy, Zoey Bear, Zana Strawberry, and Zuri Cat.

Peppa Pig Products Perfect for Keeping Little Ones Busy and Happy

peppa pig magnet set
We love Peppa Pig in our home, so we are excited to share some of the newest fun products from TCG Toys that your little preschooler will love.  I love shows that teach and Peppa Pig is definitely one of them, and along with the fun educational content I like to try to keep toys we play with educational as well.  The Peppa Pig Jumbo Mega Play Mat and Magnetic Dress Up Box Set promotes hours and hours of imaginative play, making it perfect for little Peppa Pig fans.  These can be enjoyed indoors and can be taken outdoors as well.

Beat Bugs on Netflix - Children's Show Inspired by the Music of The Beatles!

Beatles Music show
I'm excited to share with you all another adorable and energetic children's show Beat Bugs; a Netflix Original Series.  The show was inspired by the music of The Beatles.  Full of fun and catchy music that have teachable messages for children.  My children love the show, and I love the messages in the show..I also enjoy hearing the music.  Targeted for pre-school aged children, I find it a show that even older siblings and parents can enjoy as they sit with the younger children.

Skin, Beard, and Shave Products for Him #GiftIdeas

It's hard to find items for the men in our lives sometimes, so here are some suggestions that might be just what you're looking for.  Skin care isn't what you automatically think about at first when you think gifts for men, but there are a great variety of products for men for their beard, skin, and shaving needs overall.  Whether he is looking to grow a beard, groom his beard, or simply take care of his skin there are products out there.  I'm sharing some products for him from Beard Guyz, Van Der Hagen, and Cremo.  There's everything from face wash, to grooming and styling his beard.  Great gift sets available, as well as opportunity for you to make a gift set by picking and choosing from the products available.
gift ideas for him

12” Classic Sonic Plush Toy by TOMY

12” Classic Sonic Plush Toy by TOMY
 Super cute, super cool 12” Classic Sonic the Hedgehog plush toy by TOMY!  It's a classic Sonic plush character to add to your collection, sure to please the young and old!  I have many adult friends who would love this plush, and rightfully so.  It is soft and nicely detailed as well made.

Gift Idea: High Tech Quality Umbrellas by Shed Rain

Having a hard time figuring out what to get the men in your life for special occasions?  Father's day, birthdays, anniversaries..you name it!  Finding a useful, unique, and cool gift is one of the hardest things.  Consider Shed Rain umbrellas that will blow their minds!  It's difficult to find gifts for the men in our lives, but these super cool reliable and modern umbrellas will not only keep them dry but happy even on rainy days.  ShedRain offers a variety of umbrellas, from the affordable to the very expensive.  But they stand behind their products with unique quality umbrellas that are backed up with a lifetime guarantee.  The two umbrellas you need to check out are the E-Motion umbrella, and the Vortex Vent umbrella.  These are umbrellas that will impress the pickiest of gift recipients.

Presidio Wallet Phone Case with a Convenient 3-Card Slot by Speck

 iPhone case with card slot
The Presidio Wallet phone case is a must-have for anyone, and would make a great gift for dads this Father's Day!  They are slim, protective cases that hold up to three cards in a convenient side-loading slot.  I personally have been loving it, and see how it eliminates us busy parents from carrying too much of what we actually don't need.  All most of us really need is our I.D and 2 other cards.  No matter the weather, the less you carry the better!  This stylish case comes in three shades and does more than just protect your phone with the convenient card slot.

Our Stay at the Wellnesste Lodge and Nature Sanctuary

Wellnesste Lodge review
I couldn't help but just smile while I was at the Wellnesste Lodge.  It was the green grass, the clear view of the sky, the ponds, the sound of the fast flowing river, the silence, the animals, the cozy E.O. Wilson cabin, and to see my children enjoying it all.  The cabin is named in honor of E.O. Wilson Ph.D. by one of the innkeepers Christophe Marin who was inspired by his books and research about biology and conservation.  There is more of the back-story on how the Wellnesste Lodge came about on their website if you are interested, be sure to check that out.
No matter who you are, what you do on this earth -- we all have things in common.  Among those is to live a happy and stress-free life.  But we all get swept into the hectic everyday life that life sometimes brings.  It is loud, crowded, challenging - everyday testing our patience and keeping us busy on our toes.  It's life, and the way it is for most of us.  Everyone is always running from one thing to another.  It isn't until you get away from the everyday routine that you realize that you needed to get-away.  The Wellnesste Lodge has provided my family with the charge we all needed.  Even my children needed the break more than I had realized.  I highly recommend a getaway to Upstate New York and for you to stay at the Wellnesste Lodge.  It is a truly unique place where even if you don't plan out a schedule, you will still enjoy your time there.  It's peaceful...

Surprizamals Series 3 - Tiny Plush Toy Collectibles

The cuteness continues!  We got to open up more Surprizamals with the release of Series 3!  No matter how old you are these are adorable and still at the top of my favorite collectible toys.  As it goes with all collectibles there are the common, rare, ultra rare, and limited edition to collect.  We got 2 rare and 2 common Surprizamals!
They come in this adorable little ball.  Open up for a cute surprise friend that has a name, birthday and cute details about them.

Models Own - NOW BROW (Eyebrow Pencil & Blender Duo)

These days to have a made-up face your eyebrows are so important which is why I'm always happy to share them with you all.  The latest that I got to try is the Models Own - Now Brow eyebrow pencil and blender duo.  It's a handy little tool to help you get your eyebrows in line.

New York Baby Show Top Picks 2017! #MTBloggerLounge


As a new or expectant parent the New York Baby Show is an event not be missed, so if you didn't attend this year, be sure to keep posted for next year's show.  All things from the small necessities to the extravagant baby gear can be found at the show.  This year they changed the location a bit, and it was for the better.  A much bigger space and layout allowed for guests to enjoy the two days even better than before.  I always find it hard to choose my top picks each year, but I did see some that stuck out at me as I walked through so I based my picks on those.  My top picks for this year's show is the Baby Mel diaper bags, Little Beam nursing pillows, and the EvenFlo Pivot Travel System.

When you think of your typical baby shower registry items or the bare necessities when you are preparing for your baby there a few items that always come up.  Always on that list are the baby car-seat and stroller, the diaper bag, and usually there's a nursing pillow.

Fun Toys for Hot Summer Days!

daytodayMOMents blog
Hot summer days are ahead, and it is the unofficial beginning of summer.  I am excited to share with you some items that are a must-have for some fun in the sun Memorial Day weekend and all summer long!  Perfectly priced toys that deliver lots of fun pleasing both children and parents alike.  American Plastic Toys has the perfect T-Ball set for little kids to start growing their interest in baseball.  My kids and I are in love with water blasters from Prime Time Toys, available in a variety of sizes and styles. My kids are excited and have been already enjoying these items so I could bring you a thorough review.

Treat Yourself to a Movie Night with G.H. Cretors Popped Corn #GHCretorsMovieNight


One of the best ways to unwind at the end of a busy week is to grab a tasty snack, a comfy blanket and watch a good movie.  Too busy to actually go to the movies?  No problem!  Choose from the many flavors of G.H. Cretors popped corn and have a delicious movie night at home that you can't get elsewhere.  There are many flavors available, and I was sent a sampling of two popular flavors; The Mix, and Just the Cheese.  My personal favorite of the G.H. Cretors popped corn snack is the sweet and salty mix, called The Mix; a mix of cheddar cheese and caramel popped corn.  I love G.H. Cretors popped corn as it is made using high quality ingredients, non-GMO ingredients and is 100% gluten-free.  

FlipaZoo Stuffed Animals and Mini Collectibles! #toys

FlipaZoo Flipzee Stuffed Animals
Unicorn plush toy
Have you seen these adorable stuffed toys before?  These adorable FlipaZoo Stuffed Toys are two buddies in one.  We got to check them out at the TTPM Spring Showcase and my littlest one just fell in love with them.  He was screaming in delight every time you would flip the stuffed toy to the other side to reveal another animal on the other side. .  You get two soft colorful animals in one!  They have a full line of 16" stuffed toys, tiny soft collectibles, as well as Mini Collectibles!  Super fun for all ages, and I definitely got so much joy seeing how much kids love the flipping surprise.

"Protect Like a Mother" Exhibit by Lysol in Brooklyn Bridge Plaza (May 20th & May 21st)

free exhibit in Brooklyn Bridge Plaza

free exhibit in Brooklyn Bridge Plaza 
Looking for something to do this weekend?  Enjoy a beautiful day at the Brooklyn Bridge Park with your family and walk over to see the free "Protect Like a Mother" exhibit by Lysol.  Lysol is celebrating the protective instincts of mothers.  The exhibit demonstrate the incredible ways that moms protect their young, from harms way to harmful germs.  The exhibit shows different animals and share their mother's instincts and how they protect their young, including that of the human mom.

What Does a Stay-at-Home Mom Really Do All Day?

day to day MOMents blog
I requested a group photo, my 2 year-old wanted to hug his sister & brother for the shot. πŸ’•
Let's get this straight so men and grown children get it right.  I'm talking about Mother's Day!  What do moms really want?  On Mother's Day, on their birthdays, you know those few days in a year where they might get some attention all around and you feel the pressure to deliver something grand.  The truth is that moms really do just want to be appreciated and loved all year long.  If you do a good job letting your spouse, or mom know how much you appreciate them all year long, you don't need one day to show them.

Sure if you never

Quality Umbrellas for Rainy Spring Days by Shed Rain

I don't know about you, but I never think about umbrellas until I need it.  Today was one of those days, it was pouring out and I needed an umbrella!  It was the perfect opportunity to try out my new ShedRain umbrella.  As a kid I never knew how umbrellas made into our home, it was just always there when we needed it.  But unlike those careless days of being a child, as adults we have to be the ones that make the umbrellas appear in our homes.  I recently learned of Shed Rain, a brand that has all kinds of umbrellas available for just that.

FAWEN Ready-to-Drink Vegan Superfood Soups

When I first heard of FAWEN, ready-to-drink "cold soup" I was interested, but then totally turned off at the thought of cold soup.  I went through a mix of emotions..I expect soup to be hot and my fruity smoothies to be cold, so naturally your mind just doesn't not know what to think.  It took me a long while to finally give these a try, but once I did I was pleasantly surprised.  It wasn't at all how I expected it to be.  It was smooth, flavorful, and actually refreshing.  I think it just very well seasoned with the spices, and not in an overwhelming way either.  What makes it an absolute must-try is it's ingredients, and the health benefits packed into these ready-to-drink soups.  

TTPM Spring Showcase 2017 #toys #ttpm

The TTPM Spring Showcase 2017 was filled with incredible energy, surrounded with great people, and of course the best of the best toys of the season!  My kids and I were thrilled to get our hands on playing with so many new toys and some old favorites as well.  I was excited to bring my children along on Take Your Daughters & Sons to Work Day!  Everyone had a great time, and I'm excited to let you know we will be featuring many of the amazing finds from the event in the coming weeks and months!

Hard Candy Cosmetics Color Correcting Line + Giveaway!

Hard Candy Cosmetics Color Correcting Line
There are so so many beauty products out there, and it's hard to choose which ones to try out, and spend your money on.  Most of us are not beauty experts, no matter how many online video tutorials we might watch.  Specially when the long list of products used by our favorite makeup artists are one too many.  Which is why I'm always happy to share new products for you guys that works and is also affordable.  The newest product I have tried is the new color correcting line by Hard Candy Cosmetics, exclusively available at Walmart.  I would have never thought to purchase it, because I'd be too busy buying the usual eyeliner, and mascara first.  I'm glad to have tried it out because I have been pleasantly surprised by the results.  And always a plus when trying something new off the "budget list" is affordability, these retail for $5!  Keep reading for your chance to win a Color Correct Primer, Expert Stick, and Baked Powder by Hard Candy Cosmetics below!

PBS Kids "All About Allergies" DVD + Giveaway

pbs all about allergies dvd
I am so excited to share this post with you all.  The PBS Kids "All About Allergies" DVD is a must own for those with young kids, and honestly good for adults to watch as well.  My oldest son and I watched the episodes along with my younger two, ready to judge and critique it all.  We were pleasantly surprised, and my son said "it must've been written with the help of those with real allergies".  It does a great job teaching about food allergies, teaching those with allergies understand, and those without to understand as well as learn how they can help friends who have allergies.  Keep reading to enter to win the DVD below!

"Models Own" Makeup Collection Now Exclusively Available at Ulta - Mother's Day Gift Idea!

I am always wanting to try out the latest makeup products out there, but how can anyone truly keep up?  Which is the reason why I was excited to try out some products from the new makeup collection Models Own exclusive to ULTA.  They offer over 650 products that offer everything unique to you and your own look.  I was sent three Models Own products and am happy to report that I love them.

Models Own believes in going brighter, bolder and bigger.  Their colors are amazing, and what's amazing is the results.  They are so very well pigmented, a little goes a long way.  It is exciting and amazing to use so little of the product and have it not only look great instantly but last.   If you are looking for some new products to try, go to Ulta.com, and choose from the many products available by Models Own here.

Surprizamals Series 2 - Tiny Plush Toy Collectibles

Surprizamals Series 2 rare
Have you seen some of the Surprizamals Series 2 collectibles yet?
Surprizamals rare
They are super cute little plush toys that come in a surprise toy.  I think these are super cute for any age.  I have so much fun watching my children open up these little plush toys.  They are adorable as they are tiny, and with the added element of surprise.  My two youngest love having these in their little pocket, and in their bag to take along everywhere.

New "Go! Go! Smart Wheels Press & Race™ Vehicles" by VTech

Have you seen the Go! Go! Smart Wheels Press & Race Vehicles by VTech?  Not only are they just adorable and tons of fun for kids, they are the perfect little gift for kids this spring.  Enjoy some outdoor time with them, while they learn to press and race with these fun little toy vehicles.  If you're still looking for cute add-ons to your Easter basket, gift, or cute surprise for your kids - these will be the perfect icing on the cake.  Get away from surprises filled with sugars, and artificial coloring - and go with cute toys that will be played with and treasured.

"Good Food Made Simple" Gives New Definition to Frozen Foods

Good Food Made Simple Entree meals
Sometimes people give their brands a name, and with that title, it ends up describing exactly what the products are about.  Good Food Made Simple is exactly that!  I wasn't sure what to expect when I was given the opportunity to try frozen foods, something I haven't had or thought about in a long time.  I admittedly used to have my share of frozen foods back in the day, but once I learned to read the actual ingredient list on our food products I stopped.  I gave the Good Food Made Simple products a try because of the same reason, I read the ingredients and was pleasantly surprised that their name actually matched what they put in their products.  They recently added to their extensive product line, a new selection of Entree Meals, and I gave them a try.  Before you imagine it to be more expensive because it has better, simpler ingredients..think again.  They are marked at around $3.99, and can be found at a discount price in stores.  The name is great, the price is great, the pictures are great, but how did it taste?

Twirl into Spring with Kate & Mim-Mim Activities, Books, and DVD's + Giveaway #TwirlAway #KateandMimMim

Kate and Mim Mim toys
Are you feeling the joy of spring yet?  It has been pretty rainy and gray lately, but luckily we had some great fun Kate & Mim-Mim spring activities to keep us twirling into spring.  I'm happy to share with you some of the latest Kate & Mim-Mim books, DVDs, and a super fun Springtime Fun Kit featuring activity and coloring sheets, along with fun printables that will brighten up and inspire children, no matter how gray the weather.    

Easter Personalized Books & Gifts from "Put Me in the Story"

All the occasions you can think of Put Me in the Story has the book for you!  Personalized books are the best option to give a gift that will be treasured for years to come.  There are so many options from gift-sets to many different kind of adorable story books along with coloring books as well.  All personalized and oh so sweet.  These books allow you to personalize them with images, names, and a special message.  It often beats many other gifts for special occasions, check out the many options they offer for Easter today.
"Play a game of hide-and-seek with the Baby Looney Tunes! In Find Me If You Can: Baby Looney Tunes, your child stars alongside some of their favorite cartoon characters. This interactive book asks your little one to find their smiling face in playful pastel scenes featuring Bugs, Tweety, Taz, and the rest of the Looney Tunes crew. With options for 1, 2, or 3 faces to find as well as simple, rhyming text, your child will come back to this one-of-a-kind, personalized adventure again and again!"

Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood - Daniel Visits the Farm DVD + Giveaway

abs kids dvd giveaway
Luckily there are so many great fun and educational options for our children's screen-time these days.  One of our favorites is PBS Kids series Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood.  Today I have your chance to win the new "Daniel Visits the Farm" DVD that was released earlier this month.  A fun addition to your DVD library.  It's great to have in the car for road trips for young kids.

Enter below using the Rafflecopter for your chance to win.  More information on the DVD  and episodes below.

Get Your '2017 New York Baby Show' Tickets Today! #MTbloggerlounge

NY baby show free code
If you or someone you know is expecting or a new parent be sure to check out the 2017 New York Baby Show on May 20th and 21st.  It will take place at Pier 94 for the 7th year, and will be the largest show of it's kind in the country.  No other event provides a better experience for thousands of expectant and new families from New York and neighboring counties.  Great for all seeking a family-friendly jamboree of top brands, great speakers and seminars, big giveaways, and lots of learning, support, bonding, and fun as you make your way into parenthood.  I have enjoyed going for the past few years and have gained so much as a parent.  Just check out my top picks from last year here, there are so many brands and products for our babies you'll learn about there.

Kate and Mim-Mim Party Ideas!

Kate and Mim Mim Party Ideas
Make your Kate & Mim-Mim fans dream come true and create a themed party complete with DIY decor, party activities, and a fun recipe to serve up.  I think when it comes to creating the perfect Kate & Mim-Mim party it starts with the right color scheme.  Pick out all things colorful, and make an excuse to watch more episodes of the fun energetic show for inspiration, your kids will love you for it.  I've watched many of the hit Disney Junior show myself while my kids enjoyed it and was so excited to put together a Kate & Mim-Mim party, and to share my tips in creating this super fun Kate & Mim-Mim party with you all.

You're Not too Kind, But I Don't Care...

It comes a point in life when you finally feel like an adult.  A good amount of years of young adulthood is spent wandering, waiting, hoping, hurting, living, laughing, learning..and then before you know it..you've grown.  You had to go through all those years..some fun, and some difficult - all to become who you are today.  All to become stronger, and wiser for more years of life.  Life isn't easy, life isn't all hard, life isn't all anything.  It's up and downs.  It's life.  You are not alone in your struggles, while everyone has their own battles - we all share in that we are all LIVING.  

Celebrate Spring with Crafts and Sweet Halos #MTHalosFun

Can you believe it's already March, and Spring is a little over a week away?  What better way to get in the mood for the season other than some sweet crafts?  Mom Trends and Wonderful Halos hosted a family Spring crafts event last weekend at The Children's Museum of Art, and we had such a sweet time.  Yes, sweet like the Halos mandarins.  My son and my husband surprised me by getting really crafty in their space.  Who knew you could create the cutest bunnies, chicks, and so much more with Halos mandarins.  We love Halos, it disappears by the bags in our home as they are the perfect anytime anywhere healthy snack that pleases kids and parents alike.