The Baby Smile S-502 Nasal Aspirator & Your Chance to Win #Giveaway!

Baby Smile S-502 Nasal Aspirator
Parenting might be the most rewarding "job"out there, but isn't easy by any means, but the real tough times comes when our children are not feeling well.  Young children get sick easily, and most times it's inevitable.  There's nothing like that feeling of helplessness where you just want to make it all better, but you can't.  The most we can do is do our best to keep them from getting sick, and do all we can to help them feel and get better if they do.  There are a few things we can do to help our babies feel better while they are fighting off the flu, like making sure they are well hydrated, offering lots of cuddle time, and making sure their nasal passages are cleared.  The Baby Smile S-502 Nasal Aspirator is a product that can help that dreadful and sometimes traumatic task of clearing baby's nasal passages more pleasant for both baby and parent.
Baby Smile S-502 Nasal Aspirator
When a baby is unable to breathe because they are congested with a runny nose, and unable to blow their nose - it can be so heartbreaking!  I remember the horrible experience I had trying to clear my son's nose when he was an infant with the more traditional "bulb syringe", you have to hold your crying baby down while trying to get the bulb in right and suction out.  It was never easy, and often unsuccessful.  It always ended with my son crying if he wasn't already.  Luckily parents have better options out there now when it comes to baby's nasal care.  The Baby Smile Nasal Aspirator is a hospital-grade nasal care aspirator that helps clean out baby's nasal mucus to provide comfort, prevent ear infections and other potential baby illnesses.
Baby Smile S-502 Nasal Aspirator giveaway
The BabySmile S-502 brings professional medical quality care to your home.  The aspirator is electric powered, and uniquely designed to have a gentle suctioning action while being powerful enough to get the job done fast and easy.  Plug it into an outlet, and press "ON" button, and select from three levels depending on desired suction power for the amount of mucus present.
All the parts come apart allowing thorough cleaning of the device.  The price retails for $115, and although it is a high price point compared to other products made to aid in mucus removal, it takes one time for your child to be in discomfort for you to realize the necessity in a quality product.  Ear infections, and further worsening of the sickness is prevented by clearing baby's nasal passages.  This is specially recommended for young infants who don't know how to blow their nose yet, and to those who are immune to getting sick.  Sometimes asthma causes lots of mucus, and it can be life changing to have a device to aid in successful mucus removal.  Imagine no tears, a quick and easy suction that efficiently gets the job done without irritating baby's nose.  It does make a noise when turned on, but I had experience with my baby who stopped fussing right away in interest of the noise, which allowed me to sneak the aspirator and do a quick removal of mucus.

When our babies get sick, we want to take all their bad symptoms away-right away, and that's not possible.  But we can take the discomfort away and the Baby Smile S-502 Nasal Aspirator can help.  For more information, including where to buy visit
Baby Smile S-502 Nasal Aspirator (ARV $115)
What’s Included:
•Main Unit
•AC Adapter
•Suction Tube
•Tip Connector
•Two silicone Tips
•User Manual and Warranty Certificate
•Comic manual 
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