Light Up Your Home for the Holidays with Deck the Home "A Christmas Story" Laser Light Projectors

Deck the Home "A Christmas Story" Laser Light Projectors
Home "A Christmas Story" Laser Light Projectors
Have you decorated your home yet?  I have some friends who impatiently waited until early November, and know of some who keep their decor ready all year long.  The ones who keep it all year long apparently do because of the struggle and hassle of decorating the outside of your home.  That's not practical, safe, or fun...  And so many families want to decorate the outside of their home with lights but are stopped by the hassle of it all, but now everyone can have a unique light show on their home.  The Deck the Home laser light projectors that light up your home for the holidays will change your whole outlook on decorative lights for your home!  There's no climbing ladders, braving the cold..say goodbye to those days for good.  Covering over 5000 square feet and many great features this is the answer to all your house decorating problems.  Kids and adults will get a thrill out of how easy and fun these are.

Home Laser Light Projectors
This Deck the Home "A Christmas Story" Officially licensed laser lights will not only have your house stand out but you'll love that you put in zero sweat or chill setting it up! A Christmas Story comes to life with 7 featured licensed images and memorable scenes from the movie in dazzling red and green lights.  Like the other Deck the Home laser lights are known to work 4x better than those cheaper lights.  It was incredibly easy, and nothing like I imagined set up would be like.
"A Christmas Story" Laser Light Projectors

Deck the Home "A Christmas Story" Laser Light Projectors

Deck the Home "A Christmas Story" Laser Light Projectors

  • 7 memorable licensed images from the holiday classic "A Christmas Story"
  • 1,000 points of red and green star showering light
  • Covers up to 5,000 square feet
  • Provides up to 8,000 hours of dazzling, energy-efficient holiday light decor
  • Operates in temperatures as low as -15 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Operates via remote control
outdoor laser lights easy to use
You can adjust speed, select color, set a timer, and turn on/off with the touch of a button.  With over 8,000 hours of use on a single product, this will last you many holidays to come!  There are many other color and design options for different holidays and styles.  This special "A Christmas Story" is super fun, and super unique.  Be the talk of the neighborhood in good light with these laser lights.  
Deck the Home "A Christmas Story" Laser Light Projectors
Setting up and decorating has never been so simple.  The package contains a set of instructions, the projector, a remote control, and a stake with a base.  You screw in the projector onto the base, attach to the stake, push into the ground (for outdoor use) and that's it!  Plug it in, and watch your home light up.  My kids were blown away in excitement at the sparkling lights, and the fun graphics from the movie.      
Deck the Home "A Christmas Story" Laser Light Projectors
These are easy to take anywhere, super portable as it's small and not heavy.  You can even take it to light up outdoors while camping, or decorate a wall during an outdoor event.  There are more designs to choose from!   

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Give these a try, and say goodbye to hundreds of feet of traditional string & rope, no more dangerous climbing on ladders in the cold.  If you were feeling like you were out of time to decorate the outside of your home with lights..think again!  These literally will take you MINUTES to set up, and will more than make up for lost time - it will give you time.  This Deck the Home "A Christmas Story" comes with a one year warranty.  Available on Amazon and at

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