American Plastic Toys - Gigantic Dump Truck Toy #giftidea

Gigantic Dump Truck
The America Plastic Toys Gigantic Dump Truck is a vehicle-loving kid's dream come true!  It is made of sturdy heavy duty plastic, and is truly huge!  It looks amazing wrapped under the tree, and it is sure to please a little someone in your life!  I had no idea that American Plastic Toys made so many amazing toys, and had no idea this amazing dump truck existed!  I will be wrapping it up for my 20 month old, and I know he will love it as much as his older siblings will.  The rugged wheels, attractive build, and the size is what makes this truck so special.  

toy Dump Truck
 Great bold grey, green, blue, and orange colors give it such an appealing look for little ones.
Gigantic Dump Truck toy
 The dump truck, actually dumps..perfect for nonstop pretend play.  Great for little ones to have imaginative play indoors, and so much fun for backyard play too!
American Plastic Toys Gigantic Dump Truck
Kids will love loading and unloading their colorful truck while they play.  They can push and pull it around - a great simple toy that promotes imaginative play.
Gigantic Dump Truck
The measurements of the truck is over 2 feet long, the size of this toy is what truly makes this toy extra special!  To give you an idea of how gigantic the dump truck is, check out the little toy car collectibles on the side of it.  The large tilting dumb bed and big rugged wheels make this Gigantic Dump Truck one great gift idea to consider.


24.250 x 14.750 x 12.250

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