Tips for Those Who Want to Breastfeed!

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The first question to ask yourself is if you truly want to breastfeed.  If the answer is "yes", not "maybe", not "I will try" but "absolutely "yes", then I have some tips to help you.  First thing is being prepared, do your research, and get the right products to help you along.  You will need your patience, and determination if you want to nurse successfully.  It's too easy to quit because it isn't easy, so if you decide you want to nurse - don't give yourself the option out.

Don't doubt yourself.  Your body made a child, it can produce milk for your baby too.  I have heard so many people start their babies on formula because they thought they weren't producing enough and worried their baby wasn't getting enough nutrients.  Although I'm sure it is possible to not produce enough, I can't stress patience enough.  Patience is key.  Don't let those around you persuade you into thinking you aren't giving your baby enough, fast enough.  In the end you know what's best for baby, and if you have chosen to breastfeed then you can do it.  Don't supplement unless medically necessary.  I had nurses and other medical professionals borderline threatening me that my child needed formula because of a number of reasons.  I stayed determined to nurse and I did - 3 babies, all exclusively.  Unfortunately it felt like a battle every time, which is why it's important to stay strong with your choice while having your research to back your own choices.

Believe in yourself.  You can do it.  The soreness and even the pain can be a "normal" thing.  It takes a while for you and baby to learn.  It is something that comes naturally but it also takes learning for both mom and baby.  Do the research on necessary items like Lanolin Cream, nipple shields, breastfeeding pads, and nursing bras.  If you end up supplementing or using a bottle to feed your child, it creates nipple confusion.  Nipple confusion can delay the progress in nursing successfully, and personally highly not recommend.
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 Ruffled detail on the rim of the cups.
yootoo nursing bra
  Adjustable straps.  
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 Lace detail along the sides and straps. 
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Removable cup pads.
The right support is important.  Both from family and friends, and from the right bra.  It is so easy to give up because it gets difficult and you feel the pressure from those around you.  Having the right group of people around you that believe in you and support you in your decision is crucial.  Your breasts will grow one or even two sizes in the beginning, the right supported bra will help.  Do your research, check out the many options available to you.  Know that every bra style fits everyone differently.  Check out YooToo nursing bras as an option.  They have adjustable straps, removable cup pads, nursing clip for accessibility, and are made of quality material.  I liked everything about this bra, but the cups seemed wide apart for me, which is why it is important to have more than one type of bra.

For those that aren't breastfeeding or expecting, nursing bras make a great gift.  You wouldn't gift a bra to just anyone, but when it comes to moms to be, or nursing moms - bras are appreciated - given you are close enough.  Moms, and woman in general really appreciate a good bra, and the awkwardness of gifting a bra doesn't apply when you are a breastfeeding mom.  Consider the YooToo Bra, bras designed with moms in mind using premium materials for maximum comfort.

No matter what you decide to do or end up doing, remember there's no right or wrong.  Every child and mom is different, and their nursing experience is too.

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