The App that Every New Parent Needs - The BabyTime App!

New Parent Needs - The BabyTime App!
There are so many apps out there, you imagine it, and there's probably an app for that.  When I was pregnant, one of the very first things I did was download an app to track my pregnancy.  Apps can be entertaining and fun, but then there are apps that become a necessity and I think the BabyTime app is an app that every new parent needs.  It is an app that helps you record your baby's daily activities with ease, while offering many more features that help new parents in a unique way.  Nursing, formula, baby food, diaper, and sleep or just a few options along with many activities to track on the app.  The activities you choose to track are then calculated and converted to simple graphs and charts.  There are so many great features that this app has I just have to break it all down and share it here with you all, because I truly do think it will change your first experiences as a parent.    
New Parent Needs app!

I remember having a notepad with a messy chart I would scribble on half asleep, tired and slightly in pain from labor as a new mom, trying to keep track of my baby's wet and soiled diapers.  Just remembering those long days, and nights I find this app to be magical.  Organized record of all your babies activities at your fingertips.  The app was originally created by a husband who wanted to help his wife, and other new parents - and thank goodness for that.  This app will give parents confidence as new parents, having everything so well tracked.
The BabyTime App review
Although a chart, or a graph of your babies schedule and growth would be helpful, a new parent definitely does not have the time to do that, but luckily the BabyTime app creates one for you!
App that Every New Parent Needs
You get to choose between multiple graphs!  The app even keeps track of your baby's growth in height, weight, and head circumference - with the option to share that information with the Community.
nursing schedule app
Having a set schedule for newborns can be helpful for both parent and child, and with the BabyTime app it is possible to know exactly what the schedule has been like.
babytime app review
 Doctor visit with your baby can be nerve-wracking as you try to remember all your questions you had for the doctor, and still remember all the answers to the questions they ask you about your baby.  With so much on your mind, you don't have to remember exactly when your baby soiled his diaper last when the doctor asks.  You can show your baby's daily activities, recorded on the app to your doctor.  Easy, and organized.
review The BabyTime App!
Establishing a schedule and pattern for baby is easy with the BabyTime app.   It also allows for mommy to be able to know the best time to leave baby at home.

connect babysitter, doctor and parent
Whether it's the babysitter, grandpa, or even your husband you can share all the necessary information through the app with everyone, and connect via iMessage.
review of The BabyTime App!
No need to go googling what's the "norm" for babies growth when it's all accessible in the BabyTime Community.
The App that Every New Parent Needs
I just love that it's all in one app, I remember having multiple apps that did just a percentage of what BabyTime does.  There are many optional actives to track, but it is fully customizable for the user.  
record baby's activities togethe
Everyone can use the app, and keep track of baby's routine in a synced account - that also automatically gets backed up.
BabyTime app update
 A recent, and new update now allows for easier sharing of baby's daily routine and activities with iMessage.
new baby app
I'm really impressed by how user friendly the app is!
The App that Every New Parent Needs - The BabyTime App!
Parenting together, and being so organized and in the know of your child's schedule has never been easier.    
In conclusions the features available in the BabyTime App:
  • One-touch recording of activities
  • Invite caregiver and add multiple babies
  • Automatic backup so you can use BabyTime on any devices
  • Sharing your baby’s growth in our Community (and also externally)
  • Customizable graphs and growth chart
  • Upload images
  • Widgets and Stopwatch (soon to be released in iOS)
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