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We own the original Monkey Mat and have used it for many years now.  It has come in handy to have in the back of the car for when we need to have a clean surface for our kids when they were at the crawling stage.  I love using it on the grass in the park for picnics, and having a mat to put down anytime without carrying a bulky mat.  It packs away so easily, and is a perfect on the go mat.   The old version we owned was very thin, but the newer version is quilted.  It is still a great size and also packed with the same great features as the original, like being water resistant.  

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It has cushion for more comfort for everyone, but it wasn't as layered as I thought it would be when I first posted about it.   We placed it on our wooden floors and it didn't give an actual cushion, so it would be best used on carpets, grass, sand on the beach and other similar soft surfaces.  Really comes in handy if you are visiting friends, and you have a young child.  You can't put your baby on a random bed at your friends since they can roll over, and you don't want to place them on a rug or carpet where people are stepping - the monkey mat is the perfect mat to place on the carpet for ease of mind.  I like that it has more of a layer than the original but there isn't an actual cushioned layer you can solely depend on.
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Waterproof base, central loops for attaching items to it for baby when they are young enough to crawl around.  Spill resistant top, weighted corners so they don't fly up too easily, it has loops for stakes, and the pouch that is always attached.  Perfect for park, beach, dirty floors, concerts, picnics, sporting events, camping, and more.  Love that it is portable, light weight, and has the handle to hang off the stroller if needed.  I have found it useful for the whole family and not just for the babies.  

For more information, including where to purchase visit www.monkeymat.com

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