Personalized Book for Disney Princess Fans - Disney Princess Dream Big Princess

Put Me in the Story DREAM BIG Disney book review
Disney princess fans can feel inspired to dream big and be one of our favorite princesses in this Put Me in the Story children's personalized book.  Young kids will see their picture inside of the book as well as on the back cover.  Their name is mentioned within the storyline, prompted with questions and many memory making moments.  The reaction on children's faces are unforgettable, they will love it.  
Put Me in the Story DREAM BIG Disney book review
2 places in the book with your child's photo, including the back cover!

A must have, must own, must give book for the little Disney princess fan in your life.  The Put Me in the Story personalized Disney Priness DREAM BIG Princess book is the perfect read for young fans. Eleven Disney princess stories summarized with highlighted points to inspire a young reader.  My daughter loved being one of the princesses in the book.  If you are looking for a gift for a little princess fan, you can't go wrong with this one.  Personalized and thoughtful - it's an instant successful gift to give!
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"The Disney Princesses are ready to DREAM BIG with your child! In this beautifully illustrated book, your little girl will write, draw, and imagine all the things she can be, led by the adventurous, independent, and ever-faithful Disney Princesses!
Your child's journey begins with a personalized letter and Princess Passport, which she can use to check off each princess as she reads their stories. Whether she’s putting together a restaurant menu alongside Tiana, listing treasures she’s found on her travels like Ariel, or comparing her bookshelf to Belle’s, your kiddo will learn that being a princess is more than just wearing fancy dresses and living in a’s about being brave, honorable, kind, and hardworking.
At the end, your little girl can match up each princess with her greatest wish, then fill in a special page with her own hopes and dreams!"
  • Age Range:  4 to 8 
  • Hardcover & Paperback 
  • Size:  8.5" x 11"
  • $39.99