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Cabbage Patch Kids - Baby So Real Doll Review
The ultimate doll of all dolls is the 14" Baby So Real doll from The Cabbage Patch Kids!  It's one of the most advanced baby doll you'll own to date.  It's like no other doll we've ever owned.  We had dolls that have sound, and even movement..but what truly makes the Baby So Real stand out for us is the bright LCD eyes!  I remember my old dolls used to open and close its eyes when you laid it down and picked it up, but the CPK Baby So Real doll has expressions that will amaze!  It opens, closes, looks around and has expressions that will have everyone of all ages interested.  It's the perfect kind of doll for children who want to play with dolls the old fashioned way and combine it with some high tech features.  The Baby So Real doll comes with fun accessories and a free app that interacts with the doll for more fun!

Cabbage Patch Kids - Baby So Real Doll Review
 It would be one amazing gift under the tree for a little one that likes to play with dolls.  It comes with the batteries included, 4 AA batteries.
Cabbage Patch Kids  doll review
There are no setup required to start playing with your Baby So Real doll, and using the app to play also isn't difficult.
Robot doll
When you first open up the doll, the baby is "asleep" unit you wake her up.
Cabbage Patch Kids - Baby So Real Doll Review
Batteries and the on/off switch is in the back of the baby.
Cabbage Patch Kids - Baby So Real Doll Review
She comes with a birth certificate, a baby bottle, a medicine spoon with "medicine", and her clothes including her hat.  Under her hat is soft shiny blonde hair.
Cabbage Patch Kids - Baby So Real Doll Review
The fun starts when you turn her on, and see her bright blue eyes light up with expressions.  She comes with over 30 different expressions, and 60 adorable sounds.  Children can play with her as they would any other doll, or connect via bluetooth using the app to your preferred device for fun games and more interactive fun.  Just like the doll, the app can also be played on it's own as well.
Cabbage Patch Kids - Baby So Real Doll Review
When you feed her she says' "yummy", and prompts you to pat her back after by saying "burp me".  You'll hear "tickle me" and hear cute giggles when you tickle her on her feet.  She also interacts with little baby phrases like "uh oh diaper" or "all better", and even a burping sound.  We've been playing with her for a while to get a full impression, and still haven't counted the 60 different sounds the baby makes.
CPK blonde dolls LCD eyes
Her eyes look around and are full of expressions.  Our baby doll falls asleep pretty fast if you don't continue to play with her.  My younger kids can't get enough of her fun features.
talking doll
Her head is of what feels like a soft rubbery material that feels kind of clingy.  It attracts lint quite easily, but we use a wet wipe to clean it easily and efficiently.  Her body is soft and different from her head.  Because her upper body is heavier, she does not sit up on her own.
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Her clothes come off so you can wash them.  Her diaper comes off as well, but can only be spot cleaned along with the rest of her body.  The diaper has a sensor so baby knows when she's been changed.
Cabbage Patch Kids - Baby So Real Doll
My daughter has enjoyed taking her baby with her even though she isn't very light for small hands.  One of the features that the Baby So Real doll comes with is when her cheeks get red, it means she is sick and needs her medicine.  Playing with dolls is all about caring and nurturing, this is one of the features that brings that out in children.  They love to make their baby all better while they play mommy and daddy.
Cabbage Patch Kids - Baby So Real Doll Wicked Cool Toys
The Baby So Real doll goes to sleep on her own if she isn't played with, and also goes to sleep if you rock her to sleep like a real baby.  If you don't interact with her, and give her a few swaying motions, she closes her eyes and goes to sleep.  The Cabbage Patch Kids, Baby So Real doll has cuddly soft arms and legs with a more firm mid body.  
Baby So Real Doll App
You can play with Baby So Real using the free app  on your phone or tablet which adds to the fun, as you can even simulate a baby monitor.  The online mode allows you to see the virtual nursery where you can play with your baby, feed, diaper burp and administer the medicine.  You can also play games, watch video clips and earn baby points for additional virtual accessories and new features.  The app really adds to the fun and combines traditional doll play with today's high tech world, perfectly keeping children engaged and playing longer.

Baby So Real is available in Blonde, Brunette and African American babies.
Ages 3+
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