The Take Anywhere Matador Daylite16 Pack-Away Daypack!

portable day pack
Matador Daylite16 Pack Away Daypack is small and lightweight once folded up, and transforms into a full size pack back with side pouches and a zippered pocket.
portable small back pack
As a mom, you never know when a child will hand you a toy they walked out with, a book they're done reading, a sweater they decided to take off, or any other random item that doesn't quite fit in your purse.  It's times like this that the Matador new palm sized weatherproof daypack comes in handy.  I am loving this amazing Matador Daylite16 bag that fits in the one hand, and opens up to become a full weatherproof pack - ready to carry anything for fun adventures with my family.  The perfect little bag to have folded and ready to go anywhere!
portable back pack

Portable day pack
This weatherproof 16 liter backpack is ideal for day trips and excursions, with the perfect amount of space.  When not in use, the 4.1 ounce backpack packs up to the size of an apple, that fits in the palm of your hand.  Solve your packing challenges by bringing the Daylite16 with you packed away, and have an additional backpack on hand for when you need it.  Perfect for kids, and adults.  It's a multi purpose pack that's good for anyone on any adventure, from a trip to the playground to flying across the world.  The Daylite 16 is the best ultralight pack for the journey.
Ready Anytime No Matter What Your Kids Hand You with the Matador Daylite 16
Portable day pack go anywhere
Matador has built the Daylite16 from the best materials in the outdoor industry.  It is 100% Waterproof Cordura® ripstop material, matte waterproof zippers, and Duraflex® hardware, the Daylite16 is weatherproof and durable enough for every endeavor.  With unmatched packability, the Daylite16 is always on hand and ready for adventure.  
 Matador Daylite16 pack away day pack 

·         Ultra lightweight, weighs in at an astonishing 4.1 oz.
·         Folds down to to the size of an apple when not in use
·         Breathable air flow straps
·         100% Waterproof Cordura ® ripstop material
·         Convenient 16 liter volume
·         Weatherproof construction with two zipper compartments and two side pockets
·         Duraflex® hardware and adjustable straps for the perfect fit
          Dual train zippers ideal for securing closed while traveling

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