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At what age did your child start using a tablet?  Or your phone as a tablet?  There's no denying that children start screen time as early as they can sit up, or even crawl over to one.  They are able to figure out that there's entertainment on the little screen they see their parents holding onto all the time.  As parents, it's our job to make sure our children are getting the most out of any screen time.  The nabi SE tablet by Mattel offers a wide range of tablets made for kids full of educational resources   to get the most out of owning a tablet.  As a homeschool mom I have been enjoying the nabi SE 7" tablet, not only as educational fun for my children but as an organizational tool for me as a parent.

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The nabi SE is one of the latest editions to the nabi family of tablets, built for creative play and personalized learning.  My children were all automatically drawn to it with it's attractive look and protective red bumper.  It doesn't look like a children's tablet, and in the end that's what kids go after these days.  Never have I looked forward to handing my kids a tablet more than with the nabi SE 7".  Multiple accounts can be created for each child with appropriate settings for learning and accessibility.  It makes for a great gift idea for siblings to share.  Parents are able to set up a digital chore list under each child's profiles, while being able to set time limits on both how long and when they are allowed to use it.
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What makes it stand out from other tablets, is that it comes ready to use with over 400 educational apps and resources.  Wings Learning System is my favorite part of the tablet.  It is it's own learning resource filled with over 16,000 lessons and over 30,000 questions for grades Pre-K through 6 with the fundamentals in math, reading and writing.  It offers N-Site reports that gives parents insights into their children's performance.  Children enter what is set up like a game with a quest map where they progress along as they learn more.  I recommend providing kids with educational screen time just like Wings Learning System at an early age, children can get accustomed to learning and playing while using screen time productively.
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A tablet that you can allow your child to use with peace of mind.  You set controls in parent mode, and switch to nabi Mode and kids will have complete access to child-appropriate apps, games, ebooks and videos.  They can also safely discover new content in Treasure Box and nabi Pass.  The Parent Mode is password protected, so only the parent can access full Android OS to manage the tools like Parental Controls, Chore List, and Google Play.
nabi SE tablet review
Parents can also monitor and manage the parental controls through a free nabigator app from their smartphones.
nabi SE tablet review
Children are interested in social media as much as adults now, since they see and hear so much of it.  But we can all agree it isn't a safe space for children, which is why the nabi SE tablet offers kids a taste of it with nabi Friends and nabi Konnect.  Parents help children set up their profiles, that are not searchable and only accessible with a unique friend code.  Once connected children can safely chat, send email, or share photos with approved family and friends.  A great safe way to give their freedom to express themselves through social media.  Family can use the nabigator app to chat and connect.
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Another favorite feature of mine is the Chore List and the reward system.  It automatically makes the nabi SE 7" a parenting tool as much as a resource for educational fun for kids.  You can customize each child's chore list, and kids can check it off as they complete.  Reward your child for managing their time and making responsible choices.  This has been a huge help for me and my oldest.  As you know we homeschool; so my son managing his time, having fun, and learning is made easier.  Other exclusive apps include nabi Coins and Treasure Box which give children special incentives for making good choices.  Being able to see and manage all that he has done, and the real reward in the end keeps kids motivated while learning.  All are customizable by parent.
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If you've ever allowed your child to have full control of their screen time, you can agree they don't know when to stop so the nabi Time Controls is another useful feature.  It lets you manage appropriate screen time, enforced by fun, animated character videos.  You can create rules of when to power on/off, individual app usage time, physical play time as well as Time Rewards that earn children more play time by engaging in learning time.  It's great to have the tablet tell your child when it's time to stop, instead of having to always be the one enforcing the rules.
Geared for ages 6+ I can say all my children with the many resources found educational entertainment on the nabi SE tablet, this is would make a great gift for a child this holiday season or really any occasion.
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Geared for ages 6+
Price: $79
1 GB Ram / 16 GB Storage
Available at Walmart & nabi Shop Exclusive
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