Kidz Gear Bluetooth Headphones for Kids

Bluetooth headphones for kids
Blue tooth headphones for kids
Times aren't just changing, it has changed.  Either keep up or get left behind.  My kids and their interests keep me in the loop, and they're still very young.  With all that said, who uses wired headphones these days?  When something is made available to us and it makes everything better, why not?  Have you heard of Kidz Gear stereo headphones for kids?  My son has been using the original ones and often borrowing our bluetooth wireless headphones, but now we have upgraded him to the Kidz Gear bluetooth wireless headphones with an included removable boom mic!  My kids absolutely love it using it, and I love everything about it for them as well.

Kidz Gear bluetooth headphones for kids
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It has grown-up performance, but built for kids.  It has auto-sync technology, it was super easy to sync it with our devices.  It is easy for children to use, it has easy to understand multi-function buttons.  I have nothing negative to say about it.  It is lightweight and smaller in size for comfort for children.  My children have been using it for a while to fully test it out and love it.  It fits right in their bags when we go places, safely in their carrying pouches.  Road trips, plane rides, and anywhere they want to use them, it is readily available.  Video messaging like FaceTime with family is extra fun when they use the headphones and microphone.  Really love that it is detachable for convenience.  
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The Multi-Function Buttons:
-track back
-track forward
-vol up
-vol down

Included accessories:
-USB Charging Cable
-Auxilary Sound Cable
-Detachable Boom Mic
-Carrying pouch

Available in 2 colors! 
90-day Limited Warranty
Receiver range: up to 30 feet
Battery Life: 180 hours standby, 10 hours listening
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