HoliDay of Play Event Full of Fun & Amazing TOYS! #weknowplay

I was a guest at the HoliDay of Play #weknowplay event, all opinions are a 100% my own.  Holiday of Play event Toy Insider
There are many things I love about being a blogger.  I love being able to help people, whether it's with my tips, reviews or even giveaways where my work gives me the opportunity to give directly to some of you guys.  And then there are events that I get to attend that I just happen to love as well.
As you all know, one of the products I like to feature are toys and tech, I love being in the loop of all the latest and greatest, and having you all a part of it.  The Toy Insider Mom's HoliDay of Play is one of the most amazing toy events there is during this time of year, what makes it super sweet is that they are made up of amazingly talented and super sweet team of people, and I have been fortunate to attend the past few years.

top tech toys
What's better than a day playing with toys, and meeting with great people?  And did I mention they are always at great locations!?  Always!  This year it was held at the Manhattan Penthouse on 5th Avenue and 14th St.  We got up close and personal with amazing toys, some that weren't even out on shelves yet, and had an fun evening checking out The Toy Insider's Hot 20, Top Tech 12, and STEM 10 picks for this holiday season.  I tried to narrow down favorites to share with you all, but I just couldn't get my list shortened enough.  Let me know what catches your eye as you read through.
bloxels by mattel
You guys already know I'm a mom of a 1, 3, and 8 year old, and I can get quite selective when it comes to toys for them but I loved the picks and the featured products at the event.  Incredible toy selections available for you..I mean for your children this year.  These toys are nothing like the ones you grew up with, and in a totally fun way.  Pictured above is the Bloxels by Mattel, where children are able to build their own video game.  They set up the little squares on the board, scan onto their device using the app, and they can get to playing on their own creations.  You don't have to just play video games anymore, you get a hand in creating as well.  Just one of the ways the times have changed.
These nabi learning tablets from Mattel are available in many of children's favorite editions like Hot Wheels, Barbie, American Girl, and more.  My children have chosen the iPad, our phones, and other tablets over those catered and made for children in the past, but after testing out the nabi tablets in person, I think this one will be different.  All uniquely equipped with educational and fun content giving children a high tech, high quality educationally enriched experience.  I was happy to have a beeper in my freshman year in high school, but children get these high tech tools, made to play and learn on.
educational insights moonscope
I have always been a fan of Educational Insights, it was primarily for it's obvious educational benefits, but also because they are fun toys that children really enjoy.  I am all about having fun and learning.  The Moon Scope is one of their latest items geared for ages 8-12, for young astronomers to see a clear view of the night sky.
crayola kids spray paint
Crayola was there and with something really fun on display!  Artist created piece of art made with their latest airbrush sprayer set.  All you do is use actual Crayola markers to create art, stencils come with it as well so you can master it as you work your way into making art pieces like the one above.  Clearly fun for anyone!  I'm looking forward to adding it to our list!
airplane shooter
My son loves paper airplanes!  It is a new one every other day, and that is why the SkyPaper by The Bridge caught my eye.  It is a paper airplane launcher!  Need a say more?
pj masks toys
Just Play had the super cute new line of PJ Masks Playsets, my kids weren't a fan when I first saw these, but fan or not - really fun toys, no question why the PJ Masks Headquarters Playlet is one of the Hot 20 picks for it's age group.
my fairy garden for kids
My Fairy Garden playsets by Play Monster is something any child would love.  Kids love to garden, and plant.  This is an adorable set that allows children to create a fairy garden, the kit comes complete with seeds and all to get kids started.
qixels 3d toy
We love Qixels, and if you are familiar with them from before, you'll love the new Qixels 3D!  Children are now able to create 3D figures.  Check back for our full review of this soon!
fisher price code a pillar
This is just all sorts of cute and awesome!  I mean aren't all of these amazing!?  This Think & Learn Code-a-pillar from Fisher Price will get kids learning with excitement. 
Hatchimals from Spinmaster is different from other hatching toys we've checked out.  It is an egg that will give kids the full experience of their new pet hatching.  After receiving it, children need to gently hug it, rub it, love it and it will hatch.  What's inside was still a mystery, but it has us all intrigued. 
thames & kosmos geckobot
I always have you guys and my children in mind when at these kind of events.  This Thames & Kosmos Geckobot is one to check out.  Children can build this bot that actually uses suction cups and walks on walls!  Whaaaat!? It's fantastic that all these toys are all great learning tools, and exciting for us all to play with, including us parents!
bose speaker for kids
Speaking of educational, Bose is entering the world of children's toys with the Speaker Cube.  Children are able to help finish building, while learning the mechanics behind how the speakers work, So this year if you are looking to buy a speaker for your child, why not give them a learning tool too by giving them the Bose Speaker Cube.
Toys from my first born who is only 8 has already become outdated, specially when it comes to comparing them to the incredible selections from VTech.   The possibilities for interactive play is out of this world!
Of course the VEX Robotics Zip Flyer has to be on the top of the list your gift shopping list this year for the age group.  It is affordable, it is fun..your child is guaranteed to enjoy it!  We are still playing with this toy since our review, and highly recommend it!
Shopkins fans already know about the new additions to the line from Moose Toys, but if you didn't know already you have to check them out.  They aren't just cute collectables anymore, but functioning and imaginative playsets.  As much as I did think they are cute, I wasn't a full collector, but now that I see this, I will support my kids in their search to find these.  
There were so many amazing, all truly amazing toys out there, but I'll end my overview with my personal favorite Little Live Pets Snuggles by Moose Toys!  This puppy is amazing!  Between allergies, space, and my lack of interest in cleaning after another little one - furry or not, I'm in love with Snuggles.  All you really want to do is snuggle with him.  A must must check out, your children will love it!  My daughter won't stop talking about it since I told her about him, so you know what's at the top of her wish-list already.

Be on the look out for many more toy features here now that we are already in the month of October! The holidays are near, and it's time to start thinking about that shopping list for gifts this year.  

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