Earth's Best Organic Goodies for Kids! #mtnightout #spon

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Be honest, do you read the ingredients of the foods that you eat?  How about the ones that you give to your children?  I know many parents do, and with much credit to the internet, people are becoming more health conscious in terms of what we consume, but too many still do not really know exactly what they are consuming and giving to their families.  Too many of the foods parents and schools offer our children are not healthy options.  Which is why I'm excited to share with you some healthier options out there for your children.  For 30 years, Earth's Best has been trusted by parents as a provider of organic nutrition for babies, but did you know now they're offering the same wholesome ingredients and nutrition for older kids too.  

earths best kids food
I got to try some of Earth's Best healthy snack options recently at the Mom Trends #mtnightout event, and was pleasantly surprised at how good they were.  I tried the Stuffed Bites for Kids in flavors Three Cheese Pizza, and Broccoli, Kale & Cheese.  They could have easily passed for gourmet goodness, sure to please both parents and young ones.  Organic and nutritious, non GMO wholesome snacks.  Super easy to prepare as you can heat them up in the oven and microwave.  Use the toaster oven for the crispy texture on the outside.  These are a great anytime snack for kids everyone.
earths best nut free cookies
Unfortunately many kids have food allergies these days, and Earths Best has kept them in mind, with their Mini Cookies.  They are "Kid Safe" mini cookies that are nut and gluten free.  My children aren't able to enjoy many of these products due to food allergies, but it's great to see brands taking a step towards creating options for many with food allergies/sensitivities.  
earths best fruit cups
 What's healthier than fruit itself?
These Organic Fruit Cups for kids are a super convenient, and healthy option that is all natural.  They are frozen fruits in a cup, conveniently with a spoon under the lid so kids can enjoy anywhere.  It can be enjoyed frozen, or kids can toss in their lunch bags to let it thaw out in time for a snack time during the day.  They are two flavor options; Berry Blend and Mango Berry Blend.
earths best snacks
You can expect Earth's Best products for your family to be made with all organic with non GMOs, artificial colors, or preservatives added ingredients.  So, going back to my first question, do you read the ingredients in your food?  Next time you purchase or give Earths Best products a try, read them confidently, as they are sure to please.  For more information, including where to buy visit