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I admit I am intimidated by technology these days, and that was my initial thought with the Starry Station..when I judged it with it's sleek attractive look.  But my experience with it has been everything but intimidating.  Whether we like to admit it or not, the internet and it's quality is a huge part of our lives.  The Starry Station is the world's first ambient touchscreen WiFi station is great for parents, tech gurus, and home decor enthusiasts alike.  I've gathered up it's key features which are the 7 reasons why you need the Starry Station upgrade.  The first step you take with a new product is setting up - setting up is super simple with the Starry Station, and that experience will represent the way this device functions - it will simplify your life in ways you didn't know a WiFi station could.
Starry Station replaces router
Reason #1: Super Simple Setup 
Setting up our routers shouldn't be difficult and signing on a new device to your Wi-Fi shouldn't be either.  The Starry Station fixes those very common issues we have with our old outdated routers.  
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I was overwhelmed by this new amazing device but to my surprise I was done with the setup before I could even get flustered.  To start using the Starry Station you simply plug it in, turn it on, plug it in to your modem, and follow the setup wizard on the touchscreen.  It is that simple.  Once you are done setting up, which is easy for anyone to follow, you can sign in your devices into your new Wi-Fi network getting internet access instantly.  It takes seconds to set up a guest that needs Wi-Fi access.      
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Reason #2: The Starry App
Download the app during setup to have the option and access to control & monitor from the app.  I love that I don't have to go to the device itself to monitor or even change the settings.
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The app works like a remote as well as a great tool to monitor from anywhere.
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Reason #3: Speed Tracking
We all have routers in our home, we are in a generation where we wouldn't survive without the Internet.  We communicate, work, learn and plan relying on our internet connection.  Which is why the speed tracking feature automatically runs frequent tests helping you find out if you're getting the speed you pay for, as well as tips on how to fix problems that may arise.
starry station review

starry station review
Reason #3: Support On-Demand
If you do run into any issues, get help via email, in-app messaging, or request a call directly from the touchscreen.  Help is available 24/7.  Troubleshooting tips are available straight from the touchscreen and app as well.    
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Reason #4 Health Score
The touchscreen and actual screen is super easy to navigate.  You will have control over the internet in your home like never before.  We all need our internet to be at it's best all the time, and the Starry Station helps make sure that it is.  See your internet health and Wi-Fi conditions at a glance.  As a homeschooling family who partially rely on material online to learn and teach, it makes managing it all easier.  
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Reason #5 : Parental Controls & Safety Features
Want everyone off the internet during family game night, or maybe at the dinner table?  You have control over it all right from your phone.  Being a parent in the high tech world isn't easy, but the Starry Station is here to help.  You can unplug devices, and even temporarily pause devices.
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Is your child supposed to be studying off the web, or you need a certain app blocked, it's a click away!  Settings are accessible on screen and through the mobile app.
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Features include setting up network-wide rules for when certain devices can and can't be online with ScreenTime.  Gain control over all the connected devices in your home; block devices, and certain apps from being used altogether.  
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Reason #6 Device Map
Have you or someone in your family ever sat next to someone at home and blamed them for slowing down their internet connection by connecting their device?  The Starry Station will show which devices are connected and their connection strength and end mysteries of the kind for good.  It will help monitor data and the devices that are connected.  
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Reason #7 Beautiful Design
This is the last reason you would upgrade to a Starry Station, and it certainly won't be your only reason, but has to be noted as it is part of the package.  I opened up the super fun shaped packaged and before setting up I had a moment to hug it a little.  Just stop and admire it's beauty, will yah?!

I love that I don't have to restart, or unplug a frozen old router with a blinking light because I don't know what has gone wrong with it anymore.  I love that everything about the router and WiFi in our home is no longer a mystery.  The Starry Station is simply an essential for every home.  It is also a great plus that it isn't a random device with a bunch of blinking lights that you don't know the purpose of, instead it is an attractive product that easily doubles as a decorative addition to a space.  With how much it will change the way you internet, it is well worth the expense.  You don't have to upgrade your actual Starry Station anytime soon as the features upgrade itself automatically overnight.   
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Upgrade your old WiFi station to a Starry Staion, get up to date with today's tech, and take control of the internet in your home.  I am blown away by everything that the Starry Station has to offer, and even more by it's simplicity.  I'd say it's the perfect gift to add to your wish-list, or perhaps a gift addressed to yourself for your home.     
Tech specs.
  • 3.8" LCD touchscreen for control at a glance, tap or swipe.
  • 802.11ac technology for ultrafast, dependable Wi-Fi
  • Easy to use app for iOS and Android with Advanced settings.
  • Compatible with desktops, laptops, tablets, mobile devices, and more.
  • 802.15 ready; replaces your existing router, works with all types of Internet service (fiber, DSL, cable, etc.)